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Updated Information about the Mayne Island Community Bus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often does the bus run? Year-round, we meet incoming ferries from Tsawwassen on Thursdays and Fridays, mid-day thru evening, plus Saturday mornings. With enough notice we may also be able to meet other ferries on request. Plus, if more than one passenger, we also may be able to pick up anywhere on the island to deliver you to the ferry terminal or points in between. Please call, text or email well ahead of your departure, to request a pick up.

2. Will it pick me up at my house to take me to the ferry? We may be able to accommodate this request, though for a single passenger, we may encourage you to find alternate means, as the cost to operate makes this prohibitive. If we can coordinate with other requests we may be there. Please contact us at least a day ahead.

3. How do I contact the bus? Cell phone/text: (250) 539-0851 Email: maynebus@shaw.ca

4. Where will it go? From the ferry terminal, it will drive a route that makes most sense to accommodate the passengers on the bus.

5. How much does it cost? Our bus service operates only by donation; on average people donate between $3 and $20 per person, per direction. Your continued use of the bus and your donations both past and future are truly appreciated and are related directly to our success. (Contact the bus number at (250) 539-0851 if leaving funds through Freemail at Gulfport Realty.)

6. Where does it meet passengers at the Village Bay ferry terminal? Usually we're parked immediately off the ramp — the first thing you see as you come off the ferry! — but on super-busy days, we may be parked at the top of the hill instead. Occasionally you'll see our alternate blue van, which runs when the regular bus or one of our drivers is unavailable.

7. What if the ferry is late? Will the bus still be there? Yes.

8. Will it take luggage, animals, bikes, wheelchairs? We'll take any and all of the above. We're fully equipped with a lift and tie-downs for wheelchairs.

9. Can I call late at night or last-minute? We are not a taxi service, and all our drivers are volunteers, so for late-night charters, please arrange prior to your outing. Calling us last-minute is not recommended, and the phone is off between 10 pm and 7 am.

10. Will it take me between addresses on Mayne Island (not just to and from the ferry terminal)? We are not a taxi service, and all our drivers are volunteers but if you see us passing by, feel free to flag us down or (if possible) plan your trip around the days we are meeting the ferries.

11. Does it have a website? www.mayneislandchamber.ca/transportation.html

12. Who drives it? All drivers are unpaid volunteers who have been trained to operate the bus.

13. Who pays its expenses? Cash received in the donation bucket in the vehicle covers gas, insurance and maintenance, more or less. We also draw from funds donated through Tru-Value grocery store's Community Spirit program (#48), and we accept individual donations. Please contact us if leaving a cheque at the Freemail box at Gulfport Realty.

14. How long has it been operating? Since July 2013.

15. What's involved in volunteering to be a driver? As with obtaining a regular drivers' license, you take a written and road test for a Class 4 (restricted) license through an ICBC branch. We have study materials that will help you pass, and you can use your own vehicle (you don't need a bus or van) to take the road test. Our volunteer drivers generally meet two to three ferries, one day per week. We also welcome "on call" substitute drivers for when our regular drivers are ill or away.

Drivers: Richard De Armond, Rod Cruickshank, Pam Withers, Alan Guy, Dave Rea and Robin Cleator. Directors: Ian Dow, Colleen Ming, Richard De Armond, Rod Cruickshank, Pam Withers.

See you onboard!

posted November 2017

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