Giambori Concerts at the Community Centre: Jul 16 & 18

Giambori presents: Live at the Community Centre. Tue Jul 16, 7:30 pm and Thu Jul 18, 7:30 pm. Tickets $25 (under 18, $10) available at Farm Gate, Home Hardware, Happy Tides & the Trading Post.

Music: Schubert Roasamunde String quartet, Dvorak piano quintet no 2, Piazzola. Elisabeth Jahren, Piano and Accordian; Eric Wilson, Cello; Mara Milkis and Kathy Caswell, Violins; Chris Redsell, Viola.

This summer's concerts are of particular interest because not only do we have a fantastic program, with, arguably one of Schubert's greatest pieces. But a "stunner" from Dvorak, plus some little gems..... to be played by 5 people who are all, somehow connected. The two violinists have had their careers in New York and Eric, whom we all know on Mayne from the many concerts performed here. Kathy comes from 30 years in the Met and Mara was eased into our Canadian culture and habits by Kathy in Banff about 40 years ago. She is originally from Russia, her father, who is still alive was Concert Master in the TSO. Kathy, Mara and I were students together, but have not played together since that time. Everyone knows Elisabeth, our own veterinary celebrity. They will all arrive on the 9th of July to start rehearsing in the quiet and relaxing environment of Mayne Island.. This will be Kathy and Mara’s first time here in the Gulf Islands. Come join us for what should be a magical concert.

For further information please contact Christopher Redsell

posted July 2019

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