An Evening With Filmmaker Rob Butler: Sat Jan 12

Join the Mayne Island Conservancy for an engaging, enthusiastic and thoughtful evening of stories and understanding by renowned ornithologist, author, film maker and artist Dr. Rob Butler. We will start with the fascinating story of crow society followed by the showing of Dr. Butler’s most recent and stimulating film, "Returning", on the emergence of culture within the context of nature – Nature Culture.

Dr. Rob Butler is an ornithologist, author, filmmaker and artist. He holds a graduate degree from Simon Fraser University (MSc) and the University of British Columbia (PhD). His research career began with the social behaviour of crows.

For over 40 years, Rob Butler watched, listened and lived among birds in the Salish Sea. He followed the birds into marshlands and along beaches of the Salish Sea and distant tropical lands. He met people of many cultures and he wrote and spoke about his discoveries. What emerged was a new view of nature that could inspire and transform the lives of all people.

He is a fellow of The Explorers Club, Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and American Ornithologists Society, an outstanding alumnus of Simon Fraser University and Capilano University, and Signature Member of Artists for Conservation.

In his presentation on Mayne Island he will speak on 2 of his favourite topics:

Society of Crows: From a remote island to the urban jungle, the ever popular, Society of Crows will take you on a journey into the mind of the crow to explore its complex social interactions.

Returning: Nature Culture: Rob will open with a short talk about a new vision and relationship with nature, Nature Culture that draws on the latest research into health and well being benefits, describes an emerging market for entrepreneurs, and steps to build a sustainable culture. He will follow with a preview of his latest film that will air on Knowledge Network in 2019 called "Returning". Co-produced with internationally acclaimed film maker Mike McKinlay, "Returning" is about a journey they took in search of nature infused culture in the Salish Sea.

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posted December 2018

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