Mayne Island Community Meeting

Mayne Island Community Meeting, Co-hosted by Elizabeth May, MP Saanich – Gulf Islands and Adam Olsen, MLA Saanich North and the Islands. Tuesday January 15, 7 – 8:30 pm at the Mayne Island Community Centre, 493 Felix Jack Road.

Join Adam and MP Elizabeth May to discuss federal and provincial issues on Mayne. Doors open at 6:30 PM and discussion begins promptly at 7 pm. Everyone welcome.

More Information on Facebook: For any further information please contact Jonathon Dickie

posted December 2018

Series on Resilience: Starts Mon Jan 14

Resilience: the path through suffering to well being. An 8 week series. Starting Monday, January 14th to March 4th, from 10 am – 11:15 am or Wednesday, January 16th to March 6th 9 am – 10:15 am. At the Mayne Island Library.

This series will include weekly presentations, group discussions, and a 20 minute period of meditation. Attendance id limited to 10 people in each section. Please do not sign up if you ‘know’ you will be absent for more than 2 sessions. Cost – ‘Priceless’

Presented by Vicki Turay (250) 539-9946.

Resilience This term is sometimes defined as the ability to bounce back or to recover from trauma. What does it mean to be resilient on a personal, community and global level? During this series we will examine what science, psychology and spiritual traditions have to say about this subject. We will look at, and practice ways that we can train in developing resilience both within ourselves and in the larger world.

Each session will be comprised of an introduction, a period of silent meditation, and group discussion. If you have never meditated, this may be a good opportunity to try it.

The groups on Monday and Wednesday will be limited to 10 participants to allow for intimacy. It is not a drop-in. If you anticipate that you will miss more than 2 of the sessions, this is not the right time to take the series.

I will be your guide on this fearless journey. My qualifications are: a willingness to lead and a 30 year meditation practice.

To register or for further information please contact Vicki Turay by phone at (250) 539-9946, or email

posted December 2018

An Evening With Filmmaker Rob Butler: Sat Jan 12

Join the Mayne Island Conservancy for an engaging, enthusiastic and thoughtful evening of stories and understanding by renowned ornithologist, author, film maker and artist Dr. Rob Butler. We will start with the fascinating story of crow society followed by the showing of Dr. Butler’s most recent and stimulating film, "Returning", on the emergence of culture within the context of nature – Nature Culture.

Dr. Rob Butler is an ornithologist, author, filmmaker and artist. He holds a graduate degree from Simon Fraser University (MSc) and the University of British Columbia (PhD). His research career began with the social behaviour of crows.

For over 40 years, Rob Butler watched, listened and lived among birds in the Salish Sea. He followed the birds into marshlands and along beaches of the Salish Sea and distant tropical lands. He met people of many cultures and he wrote and spoke about his discoveries. What emerged was a new view of nature that could inspire and transform the lives of all people.

He is a fellow of The Explorers Club, Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and American Ornithologists Society, an outstanding alumnus of Simon Fraser University and Capilano University, and Signature Member of Artists for Conservation.

In his presentation on Mayne Island he will speak on 2 of his favourite topics:

Society of Crows: From a remote island to the urban jungle, the ever popular, Society of Crows will take you on a journey into the mind of the crow to explore its complex social interactions.

Returning: Nature Culture: Rob will open with a short talk about a new vision and relationship with nature, Nature Culture that draws on the latest research into health and well being benefits, describes an emerging market for entrepreneurs, and steps to build a sustainable culture. He will follow with a preview of his latest film that will air on Knowledge Network in 2019 called "Returning". Co-produced with internationally acclaimed film maker Mike McKinlay, "Returning" is about a journey they took in search of nature infused culture in the Salish Sea.

For further information please contact Deb

posted December 2018

Building a Dream: an Art Show by Pam Carr: Sun Jan 27

Please join us at the Mayne Island Community Centre on Sunday, January 27, from 10 am to 4 pm for an Art Show by Pam Carr entitled Building a Dream, featuring abstract and fluid art. More information For further information please contact Pam Carr

posted December 2018

Come Join Us for Tai Chi: Starting Mon Jan 7

You’ve thought about taking or returning to Tai Chi classes? Want a gentle exercise that improves your balance, improves your health? Need to learn something new to stimulate your brain?

Come join us for Tai Chi on Mondays at the Community Centre. Experienced 9:15 - 10:10 am, Experienced Beginners 10:20 – 11:15 am, New Beginners 11:25 am – 12:20 pm. $25 for the Winter Session (8 to 10 lessons) or $5 drop-in fee. Winter Session begins Monday, January 7. For more information and to register contact Dell at 539-3351 or

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art based on Qigong and “internal” or soft style. There are several styles of Tai Chi. The Yang style postures are wide and comfortable. Yang style is more suitable for common people with no martial art training. In Yang style Tai Chi, the structure is not strict and demanding, the body is upright, and the movements are smooth, light, agile and rooted. Yang style 24 Form was created in China in 1956. It is a simplified form that contains all the essential principles of the 108 Form. This shortened form reduces the time required to learn the exercise. It is a nice introductory Form.

For further information please contact Dell Maxwell

posted December 2018

Tips for submitting your announcement to MayneNews

MayneNews is a Mayne Island service to help non-profit community groups promote their events and news to the Mayne Island community. 

There are two parts to MayneNews; the blog at, and the email list. 

Once submitted your announcement is posted on the MayneNews blog. Once a week, (usually Sundays) new announcements are sent via email to those who’ve subscribed to receive them. If you’re reading this, you’re looking at the MayneNews blog in a browser on your computer, phone or other device.

This service is provided by volunteer labour and at no charge to the community. Following these tips will save volunteer time in getting these announcements out, so you are urged to please try and do so.

Images & graphics: High quality eye-catching graphics are invaluable in the promotion of events and MayneNews urges everyone to use them. Text-only announcements have a lower response rate. In addition to filling in the MayneNews online submission form with the text of your announcement, send your graphics, photos etc. to

1 image can be included with each announcement. 

Figure 1: Don’t send something
like this and nothing else
Images that contain the text of the announcement (such as an event poster) will not be sent alone without the accompanying text. (See Figure 1) All text must be entered in the online submission form “Text of your event” field. This is because some email recipients will have images turned off in the email programs, so unless all the important info is in your submission as text, it may not be read.

Horizontal (landscape orientation) images work the best for MayneNews. Specifically 1.91 wide to 1 tall orientation. That means your image is 1000 pixels tall it should be about 1911 pixels wide. Or 10 inches tall and 19.1 inches wide. (See Figure 2

Please take a look at the MayneNews blog and the MayneNews email archive to see the kind of images that work. This specific orientation is used so that the full image will appear if shared on Facebook or Twitter at full size without being cut off.

Figure 2: Proportions of 1.91 wide to 1 tall work the best. That can be
1910 pixels by 1000 pixels or a similar proportion of at least 1000
pixels wide.
Images with a minimal amount of wording on them work best because the graphic will get reduced to some small sizes for the upcoming events section of the emails and may also be viewed as small thumbnail images on smartphones.

MayneNews emails are sent to subscribers on Sundays. Your online submission must be made at least by the Wednesday evening prior to the Sunday you want your email to go out on. MayneNews will not be able to get your announcement out if your submission isn't made early enough. Sometimes when there are too many submissions all at once some will have to be put off to the following week. It’s first come, first serve for available spots, so submitting early is a good idea.

Figure 3: All fields on the submission form must be filled in or the form
will not be accepted when you hit "submit". The page will refresh
showing you what you missed.
All fields must be filled in on the online submission form for it to correctly auto-submit. When something is missing and you hit “submit” at the bottom, red text will appear showing you what’s missing. (See Figure 3).

When you submit everything correctly a “Thanks for your announcement” will appear and a copy of what you submitted will be sent to the email address you provided and the information will have been received by MayneNews.

A contact person is required in your announcement with either a phone number or email, otherwise people contact MayneNews for info that we don't have. A name is also required, but it can be simply a first name. This information will be published on the internet, so if you are submitting someone else’s name and info for your community group, please makes sure you have that person’s permission to put their info on the internet. If you are worried about receiving spam because your email address is on a web site, please use a free gmail or other free email service that you can set up for this purpose.

Text of your announcement. The amount of text published in the MayneNews emails is usually kept to less than approximately 100 words. If your text is longer than that, a link in the email will re-direct the reader to "read the rest of this article on the MayneNews blog". The full announcement will be on the blog and can be up to 1000 words. If your announcement is longer than 100 words, the essential information should be in the first 100.

It’s a good idea to write something that will be engaging to the reader, that will entice or convince them why they should be interested in your event. Just putting in the bare essential information will result in less response to your event.

That said, please make sure you include all the essential information. Correct date, day of the week, time, place, price of tickets if applicable and where tickets can be bought if applicable. Please proof read all the wording you submit to make sure it’s correct and spelled properly. An announcement that’s full of typos won’t sell your event very well either.

Please make sure you spell everyone’s name correctly. If you’re aren’t sure, please check. People really dislike seeing their name published somewhere but spelled wrong.

1 announcement per event please. MayneNews will only send out 1 announcement for each event or community announcement. However, the announcement posting will stay on the MayneNews blog. Also a link to this announcement with a small graphic will be at the bottom of each subsequent MayneNews email set up, until the date of your event. These will be under the heading of "Upcoming Mayne Island Events", that is found at the bottom of each MayneNews email sent out, if there are upcoming events.

Thanks for using & subscribing to MayneNews. Not only is MayneNews a great way for community & non-profit groups on Mayne to help promote their events via direct email contact, but the links to the events on the blog stay there indefinitely. You can use links to the blog posts of your event when posting to Facebook pages and to Twitter and the graphic will display nicely in the post. Also other social media such as Instagram. It’s advisable for those using MayneNews to take advantage of this capability. Your group puts a lot of volunteer time into your various initiatives, you should use every tool to make sure your audience knows about those events and announcements.

Click this link to get to the online submission form.

Any questions? Email

All the best,

Jim T.

Japanese Gardens Christmas Light-Up

Come and join us at the Japanese Garden from Saturday December 15th through to Tuesday January 1st and see this year's beautiful Christmas Light display. Open every evening from 5 pm - 7 pm, but closed on Christmas Eve. Admission is by donation.

For further information please contact Robyn

posted December 2018

Christmas Eve Bonfire: Mon Dec 24

Come celebrate Christmas Eve at the bonfire at Miners Bay Park. Bring your own mug for hot chocolate or apple cider to accompany some delicious treats! Carolling often breaks out and the air is filled with Christmas joy and laughter.

For further information please contact Lauren Underhill

posted December 2018

Wassail! Dec 19 & 20

Wassail! with Stephen Cropper - Elisabeth Jahren - Gail Noonan - Lael Whitehead. Songs to Drive the Cold Winter Away. Music from several traditions including poetry, stories and audience participation carolling.

Wednesday, December 19, 7:30 pm & Thursday, December 20, 2 pm at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Mayne Island. Tickets: $20 (Including complementary beverage and goodies).
Available at Farm Gate Store & Home Hardware.

For further information please contact Stephen (250) 539-0445.

posted December 2018

Honour A Life: Fri Dec 14

Mayne Island Assisted Living Society's annual Honour A Life at the Japanese Gardens. Please join us at Japanese Gardens Friday, December 14, 2018 at 4:30 pm for our annual Honour of Life. Hot Cider and goodies to warm your hands and tummy and hands to to hang on the tree to warm your heart. It is a lovely event for the Christmas season.

For further information please contact May McKenzie (250) 539-2530.

posted December 2018

Community Choir Christmas Concerts: Sun Dec 16 & Tue Dec 18

A Solstice Christmas presented by the New Mayne Island Community Choir is the first of two concerts.

Sunday afternoon Dec 16th at the Community Centre at 1:30 pm and the second at St. Mary Magdalene Church at 7:30 pm on Tue Dec 18th. Please bring the entire family - cost is a simple donation of $10 or whatever you feel you can afford. Songs are for everyone to enjoy and showcase the choir at their best after working so hard all season.

There is an audience singalong with piano accompaniment too. A program is available for your group with your donation and you can use that program for the Tuesday performance as a ticket to get in free - good for only one person. This is truly a community event and the choir endeavours to make it accessible to all those in the spirit of giving at this time of year.

For further information please contact Leah Jones

posted December 2018

Nia Dance Movement Class: starts Wed Jan 9

Come and experience the joy of movement.

Diane Watson will be running a Nia dance movement class starting Wednesday January 9, 2019, 11 am -12:30 pm, at the Mayne Island Community Centre. Jan 9 is a free trial, and from Jan 16 on, $5. per class.

Nia is a low-impact physical conditioning and systemic movement class that is practiced barefoot to diverse music styles suitable to all ages and body types and that results in increased strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, and stability.

For further information please contact Diane Watson

posted December 2018