Library & Arts Council to Produce Artist "Brag Book"

Update: Only 8 entries submitted so far; deadline extended to Jan. 13!

Artists, writers, musicians, quilters, sculptors, photographers and other creative types: Want to display your work for free to islanders and visitors? In early 2018, the library, local hotels, cafes and eateries will be invited to display a Mayne Island “Brag Book” binder featuring bios and photos of creative islanders’ work.

Modelled after a similar project on Quadra Island, the project involves a loose-leaf binder featuring one page for each creative. All costs are being covered by the Mayne Island Library Programming Committee and Mayne Island’s Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council.

Creative types need only compile the information below and send it by Jan. 1, 2018 to: Tina Farmilo,, (250) 539-2402. Sample pages are available at the library (big envelope on the central table) or by request from Tina. Committee members: Pam Withers, Tina Farmilo and Kriss Boggild.

If you would like to participate, please send Tina the following information:
1. Name
2. Bio (150 words max)
3. Up to three thumbnail photos of your work (painting, sculpture, book cover, etc.)
4. Optional: Artist photo (send Jpeg)
5. Optional: As many of the following as you wish to provide: your phone number, website address, email address, and location where your work can be found/purchased (Envision Gallery, your in-home studio, whatever).
6. Optional: A line such as the following: “Email or phone ahead to arrange a home studio visit.”

If you need help with any of this (including tech support), contact Tina at (250) 539-2402 or by email. P.S. from Tina: “I've discovered it's better if people send me larger picture files, as small ones don't reproduce well.”

For further information please contact Tina Farmilo, (250) 539-2402.

posted November 2017, updated January 2018

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