Total Fire Ban & Work Restrictions in Effect

Total Fire Ban in Effect

This ban prohibits all of the following:
• Campfires
• Beachfires
• Open fires in an outdoor stove/chimney
• Category 2 open fire
• Category 3 open fire
• Fireworks, including fire crackers
• Tiki and similar kinds of torches
• Sky lanterns
• Burning barrels or cages of any size or description
• Binary Exploding Targets
• Gas stoves and other portable campfires NOT CSA/ULC approved
• Charcoal briquettes NOT in CSA/ULC approved devices
This fire ban will remain in effect until at least October. 

Work Restrictions in Effect

We are again on Extreme Fire Danger rating. Work restrictions began on July 26th.
All high risk work is now banned until the Fire Danger rating drops later in the season. 

High risk activities are listed as follows from the BC wildfire regulation:
• mechanical brushing;
• disk trenching;
• preparation or use of explosives;
• using fire or spark producing tools, including cutting or grinding tools;
• using or preparing fireworks or explosives;
• mechanical land clearing;
• clearing and maintaining rights of way, including grass mowing
• any of the following carried out in a cutblock (or Forest)
    • operating a power saw;
    • mechanical tree felling, woody debris piling or tree processing, including de-limbing;
    • welding;
    • portable wood chipping, milling; processing or manufacturing;
    • skidding logs;
    • yarding logs using cable systems;

Watch for fire signage or go to the Mayne Island Fire Rescue web site for updates.

posted July 2017

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