Celebrating the Arts: Fri Jun 30

Come celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday at this Visual Canada Day Weekend Arts & Multidisciplinary Event presented by the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council. At the Mayne Island Agricultural Hall.

Opening night event: Friday, June 30, 7 - 10 pm. Art exhibition, live performances, refreshments. The art exhibition continues through the weekend: Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm. Open to all Mayne Island artists. Presented by the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council.

For further information please contact Tina (250) 539-2402.

posted June 2017


  1. I've been on Mayne for 27 years. We do have a pleasant Community Centre complete with events and classes. Is there ever any discussion about making the Centre similar to other Community Centres with swimming pools,, steam rooms and saunas? I think it would be such a plus. There are a lot of elderly people that would definitely benefit. Okay so I've asked my question. So what can I do about it?? Help?

    1. Hi Susan, to the best of my knowledge there are/were additional phases outlined for the Community Centre that included some expansion. I don't know where the planning for that is at, but I'm sure the people to contact would be the Community Centre's volunteer board. Info is on their web site. Google Mayne Island Community Centre.

      I would agree that all of these amenities would be grand, but this was a volunteer community fund raising effort and to get all of these started would require some prodigious volunteer commitment, energy and fund raising skill considering the small size of our community. Are you volunteering for this? Because in that case I'm sure the Board would be really glad to have the help.