1st Annual Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest: May 27 - 28

We are excited to invite Mayne Islanders to attend Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest, a music and arts festival on Mayne Island featuring racialized artists, gay, lesbian, queer, two-spirit, transgender people and women.

On the weekend of May 27 - 28 there will be workshops along Felix Jack Rd between Emma & Felix Jack Park and the Mayne Island Community Centre. Workshops range from dancing, electronic beat-making, to musical screaming and will include a silent mediation led by John Aitken. There will be an exciting evening of performances, including taiko drumming, poetry, R&B, hip hop, rock and soul. The fest connect arts, culture, and nature-based learning with the intention of making urban and rural exchanges more accessible. We are committed to centering voices and experiences that often go underrepresented, as well as fostering a strong commitment to accessibility and the environment.

The aim of the festival is to create points of connection for different communities to come together through sharing music and art, where people from different backgrounds can learn from one another. We are inviting people from on island as well as off island with the hope that people from the city will have the chance to experience the beauty of Mayne Island and people from Mayne will have the chance to experience the diversity the city can offer, so everyone can meet new people and connect in new ways.

We are doing everything we can to keep the festival financially accessible, so tickets are sliding scale ($25 - $50) free for youth and kids, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We ran a successful crowd-funding campaign and we we’re amazed by the support we received - we exceeded our goal (which just covered the costs to pay the artists an honorarium.) We are hoping that with enough ticket sales, we can manage to pay for American Sign Language interpreters to help make the fest more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community. In the future we will to apply for grants to subsidize costs, but since its our first year there aren't many grants available. So it’s thanks to our wonderful communities that we are able to put the fest on this year!

We are working to keep the fest’s environmental footprint as small as possible. We are asking people to walk on the ferry, not drive. We are buying local goods and will be selling beer from the Mayne Island Brewery. We are providing “composting” ashtrays for the smoking area, made with oyster mushrooms that have been trained to break down the plastic in cigarette butts!

All are welcome to attend and we have reserved tickets for Islanders, so we hope to see you there! For more information, go to our website: tinytinycozyfest.tumblr.com, Facebook, or look for our posters on the notice boards on Mayne Island.

For further information please contact Claire hey.dogwood@gmail.com.

posted May 2017

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