Beach Cleanup 2017: Sun Apr 30

The 2017 Mayne Island annual beach cleanup, an event sponsored by the Recycling Society and the Mayne Island Conservancy, will be returning to a beach near you on Sunday April 30th, at 1 pm. This popular event draws about 100 volunteers each year. They donate a couple of hours of their time, and under the guidance of a team captain comb one of Mayne Island's 10 popular beaches. After clearing away the winter's flotsam and jetsam they leave the beaches in pristine condition.

All of the refuse collect is taken to the recycling depot where it is categorized and weighed. Last year we hauled off 3,647 pounds of garbage which was the largest haul we have made during the 10 years we have been recording. Please consider coming out to help with this event. It is fun, inclusive - dogs, children, all are welcome, and you have the immediate reward of seeing a cleaner beach when you leave. Just check the list of the locations and beach captains let them know if you plan to participate and they will have gloves and bags ready for you.

Contact a Beach Captain Today

Bennett Bay — Mike Nadeau — (250) 539-0123
Campbell Bay — Lael Whitehead — (250) 217-8533
David Cove, Oyster & Reef Bays — Irene and Nigel Barrett — (250) 539-5070
Edith Point — Peter Askin — (250) 539-2199
Gallagher & Piggott Bays — Kim Harris — (250) 539-9878
Horton Bay — Sue Duncan — (250) 539-3640
Kadanaga Bay — Marian MacLean — (250) 539-9995
Lighthouse & Maude Bays — Len Epp — (250) 539-3111
Miners Bay — Mayne Elementary School — Michael Dunn — (250) 539-5745
Village Bay — Patricia Janvrin — (250) 539-5692

For further information please contact Vicki Turay

posted April 2017

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