NFB Movie Night: Things Arab Men Say: Fri Mar 3

Friday, March 3, 7:30 pm

The Library Program Committee is happy to present this engaging documentary, introducing us to Jay, Ghassan, Faisal, Adnan, Falah, Bashar and and Ramey, who spend an afternoon in a barber shop discussing work, family, politics, and religion while getting haircuts and a shave. We begin to understand the challenges these men face and the delicate balance between integrating into Canadian life and preserving their identity and culture.

Admission by donation free popcorn. For further information please contact David Chase:

posted January 2017


  1. Where on Mayne is the film is being shown?

  2. The contact email for further info is in the post. The person submitting the event to MayneNews didn't include that info.