Changes to MayneNews Announcements

Starting right away, MayneNews emails will now be sent out once a week only, on Thursdays.

Instead of maximum of 2 announcements per email, there will be a maximum of six. Readers will have to scroll down a bit more to see everything in the email. They’ll generally be in order of the first submitted at the top of the email.

So that the emails don’t get too long, the announcements in the emails will be a maximum of 100 words. So for people submitting announcements you’ll want to get the important info - date, time etc, in the first paragraph of the email. You can submit up to 1000 words for your announcement, but only the first 100 (approximately) will be in the email, with a link to the rest to be posted on the MayneNews blog. A “read the rest of this article” link will direct readers to click on it to see the rest of the announcement on the blog.

Also for submitters, if you want your announcement to go out on any given Thursday you’ll need to submit it to the online submission form by the preceding Friday evening at the latest. For instance if you want your announcement to be sent to email subscribers on Thursday Feb. 2nd, you need to submit it before Friday Jan. 22nd in the evening at the very latest. Submitting earlier will mean your announcement will more likely be at or near the top of the email.

To use the MayneNews online submission form click on the following link. (Of if you’re just curious to see it.)

Thanks and Happy New Year Mayne Islanders!

posted January 2017

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