Mayne Island Dock Repairs

Mayne Island Dock Update: Early this summer the CRD through the Southern Gulf Islands Harbours Commission (SGIHC) awarded a contract for the repair of the CRD docks to Pacific Industrial Marine Ltd. This contract followed an engineering review conducted over the winter and spring. Miners Bay Dock is owned by the CRD and is included in the subject repairs. Horton Bay is owned by Small Craft Harbours (SCH) and due to a legal challenge from the upland property owner has not been divested to the CRD (SGIHC).

Miners Bay Dock: Prior to year end Miners Bay dock will have defective decking replaced on the approach and wharf head (we have experienced delays due to the treated lumber required for repairs not being available). A grating will be installed at the top of the approach to redirect run off from the road.  Warped hand rails will be replaced. The docks gangways will receive new guide rails and roller hardware, new gangway transition plates will be installed. Pressure washing has been ordered. When weather conditions permit the wharf head railing will be painted; the gangways will be stripped and re-coated.

Horton Bay Dock: While the SGIHC manages Horton Bay dock repairs are made by its owner Small Craft Harbours. Over the last year the SGIHC has provided reports of required repairs at Horton Bay dock to Small Craft Harbours which has responded with a list of repairs expected to be made in November. These repairs include the repair of decking and installation of a grating at the top of the approach, repair of approach hand rails and wheelguard and replacement of cross braces on approach. The Gangway will receive new timber cleats and nonskid. The floats will receive safety ladders, a repair to a bullrail as well as repair and replacement of metal mesh nonskid.

Should you have any questions regarding our Islands docks please email or call Carl Bunnin, Mayne Island Harbours Commissioner, (250) 539-2311

posted November 2016

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