Community Information Meeting on Housing: Mon Nov 28

The Mayne Island Local Trust Committee is hosting a Community Information Meeting on Housing on Mayne Island. Open to everyone, this includes all aspects of housing from seniors and families, long and short term rentals, STVR's, and so on.

Every island and municipality has a housing crisis that are being addressed in different ways. The CRD are launching a Housing Needs Assessment and John Riley, Manager of Planning Programs for the CRD will be our guest.

Please come with your ideas. 1 pm Monday, November 28th at the Agricultural Hall. Please contact Brian Crumblehulme ( or Jeanine Dodds for more information.

posted November 2016

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  1. The central concern would be what does the business community have to do with private property use whereby no licensed authorities now exists. We have numerous small firms in function and they support our economic needs. Housing in any format is a personal choice. The SGI is not capable of infrastructure to this level, presently. Home owners whether Casual or Residents are self regulated. Keep the strata designed processing out of all of the regional zone. Our region need growth in most instance from our economic community, both independently and through businesses of all sizes.