Working With You For A Healthy Community

We want to hear your ideas about Mayne Island health issues!

Help us to:
a) See how the health of our community has changed over time; and
b) Ensure that our activities and advocacy are focused on what is most important to Islanders.

Surveys & drop-off boxes are available at the Health Centre; Gulfport Realty; Trading Post and Home Hardware. If you would prefer to complete your survey online, go to:  the MIHCA web site and click the link there or go directly to the survey at

Your responses are confidential and will be grouped with others to form an overall picture of health and health needs on Mayne Island. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at

Please do not complete a survey about your own health and opinions more than once.

We encourage all family members to complete a survey - before the deadline of September 30th

Thank you! For further information please contact Carol Munro

Update: Survey deadline extended to October 15th

Have you completed the 2016 Mayne Island Health Survey?

As some of you may recall, we administered a similar survey back in 2007. Things have changed since then and we need your input to help us to plan for current and future health needs of our community.

Many long-term residents are getting to the age where they, or their family members are in need of increased services and supports. Some residents (old and new) are moving into the “middle-age” category, where they think more about remaining healthy for as long as possible. Younger residents who are parents are more focussed on the health and well-being of their children and on their own health/ability to support their families. Younger residents who do not have families want to be healthy enough to pursue their chosen life-styles, or to pursue life-style changes.

In short, we all have an interest in health.

We know that you are the best advocate for your own health. At the same time, The Mayne Island Health Centre Association works to give the community as a whole a voice within the complex health care systems. To do that, we need to understand the health issues facing islanders as well as which health influencing concerns you want us to devote time to. Your input helps us to plan for what we can do locally (education, information) and to bring forward your shared concerns to the larger bodies that can influence service provision (Island Health, Southern Gulf Islands Health Advisory, politicians, granting agencies, etc.).

As of Thursday Sept 22nd, 175 islanders have responded to the survey (thank-you all). However, a larger sample (goal of 400) will give us more “ammunition” to speak on your behalf.

So, we are going to extend the deadline for completing a survey to October 15th. The survey can be completed online by going to the MIHCA web site and clicking the link there or go directly to the survey at Pick-up and drop-off locations for paper and pencil versions of the survey are available at The Trading Post, The Health Centre, Gulfport Realty and Home Hardware.

posted September 2016

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