Mayne Island's first ever KD Cook-off: Sat Jun 11

Come one, come all, to the first ever KD (Kraft Dinner) Cook off held at the School Gym on Mayne Island Saturday June 11th, starting at 6 pm.

Vote with $ for the dishes you like. All proceeds go to Mayne Island Assisted Living - A society dedicated to helping all Mayne Islanders, regardless of age.

There are at least 15 participants totally at least 28 dishes (all with some form of KD or Jell-o). A $5 entrance fee lets you taste to your hearts content and vote as often and with as many $$ as you want.

Watch Mayne Island Assisted Living Society's Facebook page for highlights on the auction items up for grabs. Pledge $100 and pick a participating board member to receive a pie in the face at the event. For further information please contact Colleen Dearden (250) 539-2929.

posted June 2016

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