Ferry Facts Update June 2016

There is not much news to report in this month’s edition of the Ferry Facts as the scheduled meeting for May 9 of the Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC) representatives and BC Ferry staff was deferred to May 30. Included in the agenda are improvements to the through-fare system and finalization of the new ferry schedules. The most contentious remaining schedule issue to be resolved is the Friday afternoon Off Peak Schedule.

The Queen of Cumberland returned to service on April 22 following the mid-life upgrade. Unfortunately the elevator was not in service due to a software problem that occurred just prior to the resumption of service. For the convenience of those passengers unable to use the stairs, a porta-potty was placed on the car deck but was located on an outside lane, wasn’t easily identified and access was difficult. That problem has been corrected and it is now located near the elevator. At the time of writing, the operation of the elevator continues to be sporadic. For the convenience of pet owners, an enclosed pet area complete with a bench and a thermostatically controlled heater has been built on the car deck. The heater will be a welcome addition for the winter months.

Traffic to and from Village Bay is up over last year. Note that the BC Ferry year is April 1 to March 31.On route 5 (Village Bay/Swartz Bay), vehicle and passenger traffic has increased 4.7% and 4.9% respectively. On route 9 (Village Bay/Tsawwassen), vehicle and passenger traffic has increased 4.8% and 3.7% respectively. These numbers are slightly lower than the increases realized on the other Gulf Islands.

The local Ferry Committee advises BC Ferries on fares and schedules. Mayne Island representatives are: David Maude (davemaude@hotmail.com), Diana King (diana@dianaking.ca) and Mike Sywulych 250 539 5274 (p.sywulych@shaw.ca). Ferry Facts is submitted by Mike Sywulych. For further information please contact Mike Sywulych p.sywulych@shaw.ca.

posted June 2016

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