Emergency Program Evacuation Exercise: Sat Jun 4

Mayne Island Emergency Program and Mayne Island Fire Department are conducting an Evacuation Exercise on Sat. June 4th 2016 to help the community prepare for potential evacuations, especially during periods of high/extreme fire rating.

The exercise scenario is a simulated wild fire in a preselected area; Fire department vehicles and firefighters will be in the area to notify the residents of this exercise.

Those residents who are willing to participate by voluntarily evacuating their homes will be directed to proceed to the Reception Centre. Anyone else on Mayne Island who wishes to participate as an evacuee or a helper with the Emergency Program is welcome to join us. Volunteer evacuees will provide the staff at the Reception Centre invaluable experience in the process of providing appropriate assistance to people if and when they have to evacuate.

If you would like to participate in this exercise please contact Eden at musgiq@gmail.com (250) 222-0285 by May 30th so we can order sufficient food for all participants. Please provide your name, address, phone number and any special dietary requirements. Participants should expect a phone call on Saturday to advise them of the commencement of the exercise.

Thank you on behalf of Mayne Island Emergency Program. For further information please contact Eden Buday musgiq@gmail.com.

posted May 2016

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