Mayne Island Disc Golf Tournament: Sat May 7

The second annual Mayne Island Disc Golf Tournament is fast approaching! Information on the tournament is below. If you have any questions, please email

Tournament date: May 7th, 2016. Location: Dinner Bay Park, Mayne Island BC. Start time: All players must register between 9:30 am and 11:30 am. All score cards must be handed in by 3 pm, no exceptions. Winner announcements will be completed by 4:15 pm.

Division levels (all players receive a disc as part of their registration fee):
Youth 12 and under (men) $10. Youth 12 and under (women) $10.
New player men $20. New player women $20.
Novice men $25. Novice women $25.
Intermediate men $30. Intermediate women $30.
Advanced men $35. Advanced women $35.
Ace pot $5.

Format: One round of 18 holes.
Prizes: Youth categories will receive non cash prizes. Women/men divisions receive cash prizes.
Food: There will also be food available for purchase on site (cash only please).

For further information please contact Lauren Underhill

posted April 2016

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