Mayne Island Beach Cleanup: Sun Apr 17

Join us on Sunday April 17th at 10 am to help cleanup our shores. Contact our beach captains for your choice of location below. For more information see the Mayne Island Conservancy website.

The 2015 Cleanup total was 2,108 pounds (957 kilograms).

Bennett Bay — Mike Nadeau — (250) 539-0123
Campbell Bay — Elisabeth Whitelaw — (250) 539-5582
David Cove, Oyster & Reef Bays — Irene and Nigel Barrett — (250) 539-5070
Edith Point — Peter Askin — (250) 539-2199
Gallagher & Piggott Bays — Kim Harris — (250) 539-9878
Horton Bay — Sue Duncan — (250) 539-3640
Kadanaga Bay — Marian MacLean — (250) 539-9995
Lighthouse & Maude Bays — Len Epp — (250) 539-3111
Miners Bay — Mayne Elementary School — Michael Dunn — (250) 539-5745
Village Bay — Al Cannon — (250) 483-4225

Co-sponsored by the Mayne Island Conservancy Society and the Mayne Island Recycling Society. For further information please contact Vicki Turay

posted April 2016


  1. It would be very beneficial if you could remove the abandoned derelict boats on the north side of Horton Bay. Many have been there for 10 or more years. There is also an abandoned skiff at the top of the boat launch. It has been there for three years. There are also wooden structures that have been built. They should also be removed as they are not legal. They and the boats impede access to the shoreline at higher tide.

    1. Unfortunately derelict vessel cleanup and removal is beyond the scope of the annual volunteer run beach cleanup. All materials removed from beaches during this event are brought to the recycling station and sorted before being taken off island by the Recycling Society (who have a tiny budget as we all know).