Detailed Photos of Mayne Island on Google Maps, Google Earth

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MayneNews isn't sure of when these satellite photos were replaced but Google at some point in the last 6 months updated the photos for Mayne Island on Google Maps. Previously the photos were low resolution and blurry, but new photos taken on June 7th, 2015 show extremely detailed images.

As the above image of Miners Bay shows, objects that are only a few feet wide can be easily identified and you may recognize your own vehicle in your driveway. Here's a direct link to Mayne Island in Google Maps, showing the satellite view. Zoom in and look around.

Google Maps Mayne Island, Satellite View

posted January 2016


  1. So cool. My property is so clear. Thanks Jim.

  2. \great updated views of the region and locations of Marker Buoys can be better spotted

  3. Lovely day, why am I not on the deck? Thanks for the link!