Mayne Island Public WiFi

This list was last updated in February 2014, so it’s time for a re-post.

Village Bay Ferry Terminal — This is a Shaw "Go WiFi" hotspot. Available to Shaw internet customers. Shaw internet customers can register their laptops, tablets or smart phones to connect automatically in any Shaw WiFi hotspot. More info available on Shaw's website.

Mayne Island Community Centre — 493 Felix Jack Road. Open public WiFi signal.

The Groove Restaurant — 454 Village Bay Road. Open WiFi signal available to anyone.

The Mayne Island Reading Centre (Library) — 411 Naylor Road, next to Miners Bay Park. Open public wi-fi signal.

Gulfport RealtyMayne Street Mall. Open public WiFi.

Shavasana Cafe — 457 Village Bay Road - free WiFi available for customers.

Agricultural Hall & Grounds — 430 Fernhill Road - open public WiFi signal.

Farm Gate Store — 568 Fernhill Road - free WiFi available for customers, ask for the password.

Fernhill Centre — 574 Fernhill Road - open public wifi available.

Bennett Bay Bistro — 494 Arbutus Drive - free WiFi available for customers.

If there were other WiFi hotspots that were overlooked, please email and this post will be updated.

post edited January 2016

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