Village Bay to Miners Bay pathway update

As many of you know a survey of the route for the proposed path was completed in early 2015.
Representatives from CRD and Mayne Island Pathways and Trails Association (MIPATA) met on site in June 2015 to review the route and requirements.

Subsequently CRD has appointed an Engineering and Design company to complete the next phase of the project which is to deliver a plan for the pathway. At this point we do not have a definite timeline for completion of this phase. The contract is between CRD and the engineering company.

The pathway is to be within the public road allowance on the north side of Village Bay Road. Along the route are a number of difficulties to overcome such as change in elevation, ditches etc. One big issue is preservation of as many trees as possible. To assist the engineer/design company it was requested that trees of significance be flagged for addition to the survey map. It is intended that the flagged trees be preserved if at all possible.

We would like to stress and clarify to the community that the flagging does not indicate trees slated for removal.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments about the project please do not hesitate to contact MIPATA – Irene Barrett – Our local elected commissioner David Howe is supportive of this project and is working closely with CRD on our behalf.

posted November 2015

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