Remembering with Words, Art, and Film: Nov 6 & 8

Two Remembrance themed events will be staged next weekend...

Art Show: The Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council's show, "Remembrance", opens Friday, November 6, from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the Mayne Island Library. An exhibition about war and peacekeeping, the show includes stories, photos, art, and objects that evoke memories of military engagements, of the people who served, and of the personal attitudes, responses, and emotions connected with making war and making peace.

Julie Emerson will also read from her newly published collection of poetry about war through the ages, "Twenty Seven Stings". Live music will be provided by Jim Heshedahl and friends. Recorded music from WWII will also be played. Refreshments will be served. The show runs through December 2nd and can be viewed during library hours.

For more information, call Peggy Robertson, (604) 868-0552.

Film Screening: The Mayne Island Library celebrates Remembrance Day with the film "Love & Duty" on Sunday, November 8 at 7 p.m. at the Mayne Island Agricultural Hall.

”Love & Duty" is the inspiring documentary about 641 women who travelled overseas to volunteer for the Red Cross during WWII. Personal danger intensified feelings of commitment, sacrifice and love. The adventure changed the lives of these women, changing them in profound ways and ultimately altering the perceived role of women forever.

Our special guests are two people from Infinity Films: scriptwriter, Sue Culver and director and executive producer, Shel Piercy. Come and discuss the film with them!

For more information, email Eleanor Cocker,

posted October 2015

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