Incorrect Information on Mayne Island Voter Information Cards

(Updated Oct 4th below)

It’s been reported this week by many people that the information on Voter Information Cards for the upcoming federal election is incorrect.

It appears that all cards have the address of the Church House, where advance polls will be held, as 776 Beachwood Road. The correct address of the St. Mary Magdalene Church House is 360 Georgina Point Road.

There has also been at least one report of a Mayne Island voter receiving a card directing them to cast their ballot on Galiano Island. This is definitely an error. In addition, many voters have received 2 Voter Info cards in the mail.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Elections Canada office in Saanich. Call toll free 1-866-546-7620. Deb Foote has taken on the task of reporting much of this personally to Elections Canada. At the time of this post, I have not heard what Elections Canada’s response to these problems is or whether they intend to issue new Voter Cards. New information and local discussion can be found on the Mayne Island Info Facebook group. Information will be updated on this post as it becomes available.

These problems with Voter Info Cards are not restricted to Mayne Island, but appear to be happening across the country as has been reported in the news. It’s difficult to understand how this is possible since Elections Canada has been aware there will be an election this fall for a very long time. No explanations have been offered at this point why Elections Canada offices seem so ill-prepared for this election. It is hoped that these problems will not adversely affect anyone’s ability to cast their ballot in the federal election.

Update October 4th: Via Deb Foote we have information from a meeting with Elizabeth May's staff, other candidates representatives and Saanich Gulf Islands Elections Canada staff.

Elections Canada is aware of the mistakes on Voter Information Cards that were delivered to Mayne Island. They are also aware that some voters were directed to vote on Galiano Island and also on Saturna Island. Elections Canada confirmed that no one on Mayne Island will be required to vote on a different island.

No detailed explanation for why these mistakes have occurred or if new voter cards will be mailed out, but Elections Canada promises they will correct any problems. It was revealed that for the first time Voter Cards were printed at a central location for the whole country. Speculation was offered that possibly Mayne Island's new(ish) postal codes may have something to do with mistakes.

For those who are registered to vote but have yet to receive your Voter Information Card, Elections Canada says it may still be on the way. But anyone who has any concerns over their status should call the Saanich Gulf Islands Elections Canada office at 1 (866) 546-7620 without delay,  because they stop revising the voters list on October 12th.

Voters can still register at the voting place on Election Day with identification, but if anyone is concerned about their status to vote or worried that their ID may not be sufficient they should go to the Advance Polls to vote, because if there is a problem, they still have a week to try to fix it. The advance polls are at St. Mary Magdalene Church House, 360 Georgina Point Road, on October 9, 10, 11 & 12, noon to 8 pm.

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