Remembering with Words, Art, and Film: Nov 6 & 8

Two Remembrance themed events will be staged next weekend...

Art Show: The Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council's show, "Remembrance", opens Friday, November 6, from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the Mayne Island Library. An exhibition about war and peacekeeping, the show includes stories, photos, art, and objects that evoke memories of military engagements, of the people who served, and of the personal attitudes, responses, and emotions connected with making war and making peace.

Julie Emerson will also read from her newly published collection of poetry about war through the ages, "Twenty Seven Stings". Live music will be provided by Jim Heshedahl and friends. Recorded music from WWII will also be played. Refreshments will be served. The show runs through December 2nd and can be viewed during library hours.

For more information, call Peggy Robertson, (604) 868-0552.

Film Screening: The Mayne Island Library celebrates Remembrance Day with the film "Love & Duty" on Sunday, November 8 at 7 p.m. at the Mayne Island Agricultural Hall.

”Love & Duty" is the inspiring documentary about 641 women who travelled overseas to volunteer for the Red Cross during WWII. Personal danger intensified feelings of commitment, sacrifice and love. The adventure changed the lives of these women, changing them in profound ways and ultimately altering the perceived role of women forever.

Our special guests are two people from Infinity Films: scriptwriter, Sue Culver and director and executive producer, Shel Piercy. Come and discuss the film with them!

For more information, email Eleanor Cocker,

posted October 2015

MILT presents Calendar Girls: Nov 13, 14, 20, 21

Calendar Girls – A comedy presented by Mayne Island Little Theatre and directed by Brian Crumblehulme.

A group of women get together to implement a risqué idea to raise money for a cancer facility.

Friday, November 13 and Saturday November 14. Friday, November 20 and Saturday November 21.

Ag Hall 8 pm - doors open at 7:30. Tickets $15 at the Trading Post, Home Hardware, Farm Gate.

For further information please contact Mary Crumblehulme

posted October 2015

Monday Painters 6th Annual Art Show: Fri Oct 30

The Monday Painters have been meeting at the Community Centre on Monday afternoons since January 2008. Our group has morphed over the years, this year having a dozen or so participating. In the fall of 2009 the group felt confident enough to present our painting to the public. We began having a yearly show at the library. A couple of years ago we needed a larger venue.

On October 30th we'll present our 6th annual show at the Agricultural Hall. We hope you can join us. October 30th. 7 pm, October 31st. 10 am to 4 pm.

For further information please contact Dell

posted October 2015

AGM - Association of Mayne Island Boaters: Sat Oct 31

Association of Mayne Island Boaters 15th Annual General Meeting.

When: Saturday, October 31st
Where: Church House, 360 Georgina Point Road.
Time: starts at 10 am

We hope you can attend:
● all members and non members invited to attend.
● opportunity to join and renew memberships.
● elections for officers and directors.
● director positions are available for election (get involved with a great boating club).
● hear the year in review and get updates on existing Mayne Island docks and the proposed community dock at Anson Road, Horton Bay.
● the Mayne Island Harbour Commissioner will be there to answer your questions about the docks.
● enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

For further information please contact AMIB Secretary, Sharon Bunnin (250) 539-2311.

posted October 2015

An Evening in the Great Bear Rainforest: Thu Oct 29

Salon Movie Night: An Evening in the Great Bear Rainforest. Thursday October 29, 2015, 7:30 pm in the Mary Jeffery Resource Room (upstairs at the Root Seller). Admission by donation.

Three films about the Great Bear Rainforest: Bear Witness, a 22 minute film by BC's Coastal First Nations about trophy hunting in the GBR; Spoil, a 44 minute documentary on the threat to the GBR from dirty tar sands; and, if there is time, Groundswell, a 22 minute amazing and beautiful surfing film set in the GBR.

For further information please visit the Mayne Island Conservancy Society web site or contact Helen O'Brian

posted October 2015

Lions Club Gala Dinner & Dance: Sat Nov 7

On November 7, the Mayne Island Lions Club will celebrate its forty-fourth anniversary with its famous annual gala, Charter Night. You can enjoy a feast which is a little different, dance to the music of Bob Connolly and mingle with your fellow islanders who have dressed up for the occasion. And there’s a live auction, too.

Members of the Mayne Island community are all welcome – this not an exclusive event! But you must have a ticket! Tickets will be sold at the Maynestreet Mall on Saturday, October 24th, from 10 am until noon, or if you miss the sale, telephone (250) 539-5850. Desperate customers (only) may call (250) 539-9876.

Cost? A mere $25 each. The place to gather for the great event is the Mayne Island School gymnasium, which will be transformed into a festival hall for the occasion.

Time: 6 pm, and the dance continues until all the dancers are weary. The Mayne Island Community bus is available for transport. Rides by donation only. We appreciate all donations!

For further information please contact Allan Evans (250) 539-9876

posted October 2015

MIECS Trunk or Treat Event: Sat Oct 31

Come to the Mayne Island Community Centre from 4:30 - 5:30 pm Halloween Night and enjoy a central location to trick or treat or hand out candy.

Held in the Community Centre parking lot (493 Felix Jack Rd) will be the first "Trunk or Treat" event organized by the Mayne Island Early Childhood Society. If you'd like to participate with your car/truck and give out candy, here's what you need to do:

Call to reserve your space.
Decorate your car trunk or truck bed in the Halloween Spirit. (See the Mayne Island Early Childhood Society Facebook page for decor examples).
Show up Halloween Night to see all the costumes and hand out candy.

When you're done at the Community Centre, head over to the Firefighter's Annual Halloween festivities - just down the road.

For further information please contact Jillian (250) 539-2070.

posted October 2015

Fish Don't Do Drugs: Sat Oct 17

All prescription drugs, as well as over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements & natural health products in oral dosage form are now part of a new stewardship program — the BC Medications Return Program. Its purpose is to recover unused or expired drugs before they are disposed of in garbage or poured down drains.

Mayne Island residents can return unused medications to the Health Centre on October 17th 10 am — 3 pm. Bring medications in their original containers (plastic bottles or blister packs, but not outer packaging). Remove any personal identification, such as your name. Dr Losier and a medical student will be on hand to answer questions.

Medications can also be returned to participating pharmacists. Visit for more information.

For further information please contact Lindsay Allan

posted October 2015

Weekly Table Tennis at the School Gym: Fri Oct 16

Weekly adult table tennis begins Friday the 16th of October from 3 - 5 pm in the school gym. The cost is $15 per person. Drop in is $2 per person.

For further information please contact F. Gowing (250) 539-5817

posted October 2015

Incorrect Information on Mayne Island Voter Information Cards

(Updated Oct 4th below)

It’s been reported this week by many people that the information on Voter Information Cards for the upcoming federal election is incorrect.

It appears that all cards have the address of the Church House, where advance polls will be held, as 776 Beachwood Road. The correct address of the St. Mary Magdalene Church House is 360 Georgina Point Road.

There has also been at least one report of a Mayne Island voter receiving a card directing them to cast their ballot on Galiano Island. This is definitely an error. In addition, many voters have received 2 Voter Info cards in the mail.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Elections Canada office in Saanich. Call toll free 1-866-546-7620. Deb Foote has taken on the task of reporting much of this personally to Elections Canada. At the time of this post, I have not heard what Elections Canada’s response to these problems is or whether they intend to issue new Voter Cards. New information and local discussion can be found on the Mayne Island Info Facebook group. Information will be updated on this post as it becomes available.

These problems with Voter Info Cards are not restricted to Mayne Island, but appear to be happening across the country as has been reported in the news. It’s difficult to understand how this is possible since Elections Canada has been aware there will be an election this fall for a very long time. No explanations have been offered at this point why Elections Canada offices seem so ill-prepared for this election. It is hoped that these problems will not adversely affect anyone’s ability to cast their ballot in the federal election.

Update October 4th: Via Deb Foote we have information from a meeting with Elizabeth May's staff, other candidates representatives and Saanich Gulf Islands Elections Canada staff.

Elections Canada is aware of the mistakes on Voter Information Cards that were delivered to Mayne Island. They are also aware that some voters were directed to vote on Galiano Island and also on Saturna Island. Elections Canada confirmed that no one on Mayne Island will be required to vote on a different island.

No detailed explanation for why these mistakes have occurred or if new voter cards will be mailed out, but Elections Canada promises they will correct any problems. It was revealed that for the first time Voter Cards were printed at a central location for the whole country. Speculation was offered that possibly Mayne Island's new(ish) postal codes may have something to do with mistakes.

For those who are registered to vote but have yet to receive your Voter Information Card, Elections Canada says it may still be on the way. But anyone who has any concerns over their status should call the Saanich Gulf Islands Elections Canada office at 1 (866) 546-7620 without delay,  because they stop revising the voters list on October 12th.

Voters can still register at the voting place on Election Day with identification, but if anyone is concerned about their status to vote or worried that their ID may not be sufficient they should go to the Advance Polls to vote, because if there is a problem, they still have a week to try to fix it. The advance polls are at St. Mary Magdalene Church House, 360 Georgina Point Road, on October 9, 10, 11 & 12, noon to 8 pm.

MI Music Society Presents Backspin: Sat Oct 17

Backspin band plays a mix of traditional and contemporary music with a distinct bluegrass style, taking from their own repertoire of originals and covering other songs.

Five members comprise the band: Colin Goldie on Mandolin; Randy Golding on guitar; Jay Buckwold on banjo; Kate Main on the bass and Hugh Ellenwood on the fiddle.

It's going to be a lively and fun night! Come out and enjoy it!

When: Saturday, October 17, at 7:30 (doors open at 7:00).
Where: Ag Hall.
Tickets: $20 (children under 12 free). Available at Home Hardware, Happy Tides, Farm Gate Stove

For further information please contact Katie (250) 539-2399.

posted October 2015

All Candidates Forum: Tue Oct 6

An All Candidates Forum will be held on Mayne Island on Tuesday, October 6th, at the Agricultural Hall from 1:30 - 4:30 pm.

Attending will be the candidates for Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands to be elected on October 19th, 2015. Elizabeth May (Green Party), Alicia Cormier (NDP), and Tim Kane (Liberal) have confirmed their attendance. Please come to hear responses to pre-determined questions, ask your own questions, and support your candidate. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

For further information please email

posted October 2015

Mayne Island Deer Education Committee

Following a community meeting in September, 2014, the work of the committee dealing with invasive Fallow deer was divided into four groups with responsibility for education, hunters & permits, political lobbying and long term planning.

In March, 2015, members of the committee met with representatives of the provincial Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, the Capital Regional District, the Islands Trust and the Ministry of the Environment. The purpose of the meeting was to look at long term solutions to the deer problem since, despite the best efforts of our hunters with special licenses, the Fallow deer population continues to thrive. In the past dozen years, since the special licensing system has been in place, 1,079 Fallow deer have been killed.
As part of the efforts of the Education sub-committee, the following guide to identifying the two deer species is presented to enable residents and visitors to distinguish between them.

Native Blacktail deer and the invasive Fallow deer are distinctly different species. The coat of the Blacktail is generally a uniform brown on the head, back and sides with a lighter shade, almost white, on the belly and throat with a patch framing the distinctive black tail. Adult males typically weigh about 35 kilograms, females 25 kg. Bucks develop forked antlers between April and September, shedding them in late winter. Life expectancy is 6 to 8 years.

Fallow deer exhibit the widest variety of colouration of any species of deer, ranging from very dark brown to nearly white, with many shades and patterns in between. A common variant in the Southern Gulf Islands is the medium brown coat with clearly visible light-coloured spots on the sides and back, some merging into a horizontal line along the flanks between the shoulder and the hind quarter. (Note: a spotted coat is also typical of Blacktail fawns.)

Antlers displayed by male Fallow deer are of a type known as palmate, somewhat resembling those of the moose. As shown in the accompanying illustration, perhaps the most reliable mark of distinction between the two species is the Fallow deer’s black, horseshoe-shaped stripe surrounding the white patch framing the tail. Fallow are larger and heavier than Blacktail and have a slightly longer tail. Males weigh around 60kg, females 40kg. Life span is 12 to 14 years.

For further information please contact Tom Masters

Evening Fitness Classes start Mon Oct 26

Evening Fitness Classes at the Community Centre. We are planning a six-week set of 2 evening classes per week, starting Monday, October 26. A commitment of 6 participants for each class is needed to run the proposed evening classes, so spread the word.

Evening Class Schedule:
Mondays 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM. Interval Circuit Class – With Dave Ewanchuk.
A self-paced workout that is designed to meet individual needs; offering intervals of cardio, resistance and flexibility training.

Wednesdays 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM. High Energy Conditioning Class – With Deanna Stobart.
An energetic workout involving high intensity moves to improve strength, cardio, balance and coordination.

The Community Centre will also be open for drop-in use of the cardio equipment and weight room from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM on these Mondays and Wednesdays.

Cost $75.00 for 12 prepaid classes – cash or cheque accepted. Unless you are an existing fitness member who has already prepaid for classes. $5.00 annual Community Centre membership fee is required for non-members.

Pre-registration is required, so let us know if you plan to participate.

For further information please contact Deanna, or Dave,

posted October 2015

Broom Removal Event: Thu Oct 8

Are you looking for a bit of exercise, some interesting conversation, and some tasty goodies? If you are, we are looking for volunteers to join the Mayne Island Conservancy on our next broom removal day at Henderson Park. It is on October 8th from 10 am - 12 pm, and will involve a hike up to Vulture Ridge and pulling young broom. There's a great view up there and we’ll provide some snacks to keep you going.

For more information and/or to let us know that you will be coming please email Rob at

posted October 2015