6th Annual Community Apple Squeeze: Sun Oct 11

Date: Sunday October 11, 10 am to 1 pm.
Where: Ag Hall grounds. Rain or shine!

The apples, and just about everything else, have been very early this year but there should still be plenty of fruit on October 11 for the annual ‘Squeeze.’ With or without apples a squeeze is promised!

As well as apples, don’t forget to bring your own containers along with a donation for the care and maintenance of the press. If you want to participate but do not have apples there may be some for sale on the day. Another possibility is to help someone with lots of apples pick them and then share the juice. Or, if you’re not interested in putting away juice for the dark days of winter and just want to watch and taste please bring your own cup.

Besides the juice there is a lot of pulp produced. This is excellent for your compost and/or your pigs, chickens or other apple-loving animals, including deer, so . . . bring containers to take it away. Your compost should not miss out on this opportunity! If you bring your apples in plastic bins these can be used to take away the pulp.

To borrow the community press please contact Helen O’Brian at (250) 539-5619 to arrange a date. You can use the equipment on the grounds or take it to the source. If the latter, the press should be away from its storage shed for no more than a day and returned clean and ready for the next person. If you want to use the equipment for the first time you need to find a helper who has had experience. Don’t know of anyone? We can help. A fee of $20.00/day can be paid by cash or cheque payable to the Mayne Island Farmers Market. This can be left in the freemail at Gulfport Realty or mailed to Helen at 622 Gallagher Bay Road, Mayne Island BC V0N 2J2.

For further information or to make a booking, please contact Helen O'Brian helenobrian47@gmail.com.

posted September 2015

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