Emergency Program: Helping our Neighbours: Tue Aug 25

The Emergency Program relies on the principle of neighbours helping neighbours as a vital part of preparedness, making our community stronger, more resilient and better able to respond to, and recover from a disaster, whether limited to a single residence or a large portion of a community.

On Mayne Island, your volunteer Mayne Island Emergency Program has organized approximately 70 neighbourhoods, each with a volunteer Neighbourhood Contact.

We are planning a get-together for all our Neighbourhood Contacts and interested volunteers on Tuesday August 25th at 7 pm at the Community Centre to meet our new Volunteer Neighbourhood Program Co-ordinator, Tricia Hope. If you are presently a Neighbourhood Contact, or if you are interested in volunteering in the Neighbourhood Program, please join us on August 25th for dessert and tea or coffee.

Concerned about how much time it takes to do the volunteer “job”? The tasks should take no more than 10 to 12 hours in a year. Most of that time can be just a conversation with your neighbours. Here is a description of the duties of a Neighbourhood Contact.

Regular duties:
1. Maintain up-to-date information list of your neighbourhood (existing information will be provided)—names & phone numbers.
2. Create and update a telephone tree, to pass along messages.
3. Inform the Coordinator of any changes: For instance, changes in contact information, telephone, newcomers and move-aways.

In case of an incident:
1. Receive instructions from your Coordinator or Zone Leader/Deputy to contact residents and relay a message.
2. Provide the Emergency Program with information from your neighbours/ neighbourhood and any relevant information (Eg. Road or driveways blocked, etc).

We need neighbourhood contact volunteers for the following areas: Edith Point Rd; Bayview Dr; Wilkes Rd; Campbell Bay Rd; Horton Bay Rd (near Gallagher Bay Rd; Charter Rd & Caddy Dr; Seaview Dr; Orchard Cresc; east and central Mariners Way; east end of Spinnaker Dr; and the east end of Wood Dale Dr.

Our program needs volunteers to lend a hand when incidents or emergencies strike. Recent fires and evacuations in Saskatchewan and BC, as well as recent natural disasters in other parts of our world remind us that we need to be prepared. Participation in training and exercises is always free and open to everyone.

Be a part of Mayne's Emergency Program. There are no monthly meetings, no fund-raising, and no dues, just the satisfaction of helping your neighbours when it really counts.

If you are interested in joining us please contact the Neighbourhood Coordinator Tricia Hope (250-539-3273) or Irene Barrett, Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator, at (250) 539-5070 for more information.

Gerrie Wise, Mayne Island Emergency Program Co-ordinator.

posted August 2015

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