Alert: Extreme Fire Danger

With extreme fire danger and the outbreak of numerous wildfires from Port Hardy to Nanaimo to Victoria and Port Renfrew, we’re asking everyone to be extremely careful throughout this hot and dry period, and to voluntarily avoid doing any work such as lawn mowing, weed whacking, chain sawing, haying or any other work with engine powered equipment, including excavating or any other work on the land base in or within 300 metres of grassland or forest areas.

The BC government has issued a level 4; the highest drought rating possible for all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands amid soaring temperatures and extremely dry conditions. In the extreme fire risk conditions that we’re having, wildfires will start very easily and spread very quickly. It is simply too risky to take unnecessary chances. A spark from a lawnmower, chainsaw, hay baler, or carelessly discarded cigarette will easily start a grass fire. Once started, a wildfire can travel as fast as 14 kilometres per hour.

Help keep your island safe from fire.

Keep up to date with current conditions by looking at the Mayne Island Fire Rescue web site, Facebook page.

For further info please contact Fire Chief Steve DeRousie. (250) 539-5156.

Update July 8th
Extreme Forest Fire Danger Continues

Be Fire Smart during this drought period. Though the temperatures have dropped nearly 10 degrees, it's still incredibly dry in all areas of the island. This means a fire can start easily from normal work or recreational activities that would otherwise pose little or no risk.

No matter what you're doing outside, its a really good idea to have a bucket of water at the ready in case a fire does start. A fire could start from barbecuing, smoking, lawn mowing, construction work, or any number of other outdoor activities. By keeping even a 4 litre ice cream bucket of water "at the ready", you can stop a small fire before it spreads and becomes a major wildfire.

Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and each other to play and work safely in these extremely dry conditions. The BC Forest Service resources are fully committed to the existing fires burning in the Province and we must realize that extra help may not be immediately available at our beck and call.

The best defence is prevention.

For further information please contact Steven DeRousie, Fire Chief (250) 539-5156.

posted July 2015

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