Wrap up Talking Circle: Thu Jun 25

This will be the last talking circle for this reading challenge.

Location: Mayne Island Library
Date: June 25, 2015
Facilitator: John Aitken
Time: 7 - 9 pm

What is a talking circle? Why does John like this format?

A talking circle creates an open, undivided space that enables all to be seen and heard in a respectful way that honours that we are all individuals, with something to say. Also, it is a space where someone can simply sit and listen. An object is circulated around the circle, whoever has this object is speaking. There is no cross talking and if you do not want to say something, simply pass the object to the next. John likes to use this format because it is inclusive and there is no judgment. A Talking Circle creates an opportunity to share and heal in tandem.

For further information please contact John Aitken MITandH@shaw.ca.

posted June 2015

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