Return of the Firefighter's Ball: Sat Jul 4

The Firefighter's Ball is coming! Dust off your finery and practice your dance moves.

Brian Crumblehulme has offered a two hour crash course for those who feel a little rusty on the dance floor. Tickets are available now. $50.00 per person or $90.00 per couple. Get together with your friends and book a table for 8. First day of sales at the Farmer’s Market and 5 tickets are already sold! Only 100 tickets are available.

The School gym will be transformed for the evening. There will be a live and silent auction; bid on your favourite Firefighter for specialized services! (diving, catering, construction etc). Dance to the music of "The Hit" from Vancouver.

Email or contact Kyle or Eric at the Fire Hall at (250) 539-5156 or Bill at (778) 886-5110. Tickets will also be sold at the Farmer’s Market and at local stores. Updated information will be available through our Facebook page at or the Mayne Island Info Facebook group at

Come out and have fun! For further information please contact Bill Jamieson (778) 886-5110.

posted June 2015

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