What's this biodiversity stuff anyway? Sun Apr 12

Mayne Island Conservancy Society is proud to present Dr. Fred L. Bunnell: "What's this biodiversity stuff anyway?" Fred will review its role in the mission of fostering harmony between nature and community.

Date: Sunday April 12, 2015.
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Agricultural Hall
Admission by donation. Tea & coffee will be available.

Fred L. Bunnell studied forestry and wildlife biology in Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. When not frolicking abroad, he has been at the University of British Columbia for 40 years where he is Professor Emeritus. He has published over 200 scientific articles and received 13 provincial, national and international wards for applied research. Dr. Bunnell has held commissions and served on over 70 provincial, national, and international committees dealing with resource management.

For further information please contact Irene Barrett barrett@shaw.ca.

posted April 2015

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