Good News for the Recycling Depot

Come celebrate this news with us at our AGM on April 23, 7:30 pm at the Church House. Memberships available at the door.

On March 11, the full board of the CRD voted to extend transitional funding for four years to recycling depots in this region. This is the first long term funding our depot has had in 3 years, and it means that we are better able to plan for the long term future.

As many of you know, industry in the form of Multi Material BC (MMBC) is now responsible for funding packaging and printed paper recycling in BC. However, they are not funding depots at a level sufficient to continue operation. We have been aggressively lobbying MMBC for more funding, and the Provincial Government to enforce their Regulations and require MMBC to adequately fund us. In February, the Ministry of the Environment asked MMBC to review their model for depot funding. This was great news but this review process will take time. Therefore, we have also been lobbying the CRD for “transitional funding”, to keep us viable while MMBC works the bugs out of their system.

We now have 4 years to lobby MMBC to adequately fund rural recycling depots, and to make sure that the Government makes MMBC comply with its Recycling Regulations. This will not be as easy as one might think. Just after the CRD extended our funding, MMBC head, Allen Langdon wrote an article for the Times Colonist stating that MMBC would not be increasing funding for depots, as we were using CRD funding to take more items than printed paper and packaging, which is what they fund. This is not true, as Allen Langdon knows from our budgets, which he has, and from repeated personal communication. We use money from memberships and donations from the community to fund such things as batteries, electronics, paint and small appliance recycling. He does not want to fund depots to save industry money. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks to the board and volunteers for weathering this storm of uncertainty. We also want to thank the population of Mayne Island for all the support we have received in word and in deed. And thanks for signing the petition which we feel pressured the Provincial Government to act. We are greatly looking forward to this stability over the next 4 years. Yippee!

For further information please contact Kim Harris

posted April 2015

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