Long Road North: Film viewing: Sat Feb 28

A showing of “Long Road North” will be on Saturday February 28, at 7:30 pm, at the Mayne Island Community Centre. Admission by donation to the Mayne Island Pathways and Trails Association.

The Mayne Island Pathways and Trails Association is pleased to present its first event to raise awareness and a little money for upcoming trail projects. Filmmakers Gwendal Castellan and Tania Lo will be present to tell even more stories of their adventure.

Film summary: Seen from the handlebars of a bicycle, the world is a lot smaller than they ever thought. Leaving behind his office with no windows, a young Canadian dreams up an adventure to travel halfway across the planet at a human pace and experience the story of the road. From the mountains of Patagonia, through Latin American mega-cities and small-town America, to the sparse reaches of the Canadian arctic, the people and places he comes to know will forever change his perspectives about the world and the choices he decides to make.

Film trailer:

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian heleno@rogers.com.

posted February 2015

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