History of Mayne Island Deer Committee

In 2013 the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources requested input to a proposal to re-introduce hunting on Mayne Island where there has been no hunting for 40 years. In response to this request, the Conservancy Society (MICS) and the Residents and Ratepayers Association (MIRRA), working together, began a consultation process to ascertain the views of islanders on this issue.

Throughout 2013 the two organizations held town hall meetings, hosted information tables at the farmers’ market, sponsored many small discussion groups and consulted their own members. Approximately 300 individuals participated in meetings and 150 written survey forms were returned.

It became clear that while there was no consensus around the re-introduction of hunting, there was a growing recognition that Mayne Island has a serious over-population of deer, in particular the non-native Fallow deer who are adversely impacting the ecological diversity of the Island.

In September 2013, a volunteer Deer Committee was struck to liaise with the Ministry, obtain additional special permits for experienced local hunters and keep islanders informed about the ecological threat to our island and our way of life. Since that time the Committee has met several times and its work is continuing.

For further information please contact Tom Masters masters9@telus.net.

posted February 2015


  1. Was a fallow deer population census taken before the cull began? Has a census been taken recently?

    Not that I'm demanding one, just curious if that was done.

  2. More at http://www.conservancyonmayne.com/deer_rpt.htm - full details of the consultation, conclusions and 3rd party links.