Free Emergency Volunteer Training: Jan 7 & 28

Mark your calendars for Wed Jan 7 and Wed Jan 28, 2015. We will be holding afternoon training sessions for "Reception Centre" Operation and "Registration & Referral" forms respectively. 1 to 4 pm at the Mayne Island Community Centre. There is no charge for these courses. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please register for one or both courses now. We need to plan for enough material (and chairs). Please email or call 1 (250) 508-3002. Many have had some training, however, the more people that are trained in multiple areas the better; and those who have taken these courses are welcome to take a "refresher”.

In a small community such as Mayne Island, volunteers may be asked to do any number of different tasks depending on the incident, from a single house fire to a severe winter storm and long power outage.

All members of Mayne Island's Emergency Program are Volunteers who serve on various teams: Team leaders are Mayne Island Coordinator and Deputy: Gerrie Wise, Irene Barrett, Duty Officers: Harold K, Vicki T, David R, Irene & Nigel B, Communications: Herbie & Bernard R, John C, Harry L, Neighbourhood coordinator: Evan M, Food Services: Pat G, Emergency Social Services: Maureen P, Brian C, Glenda G, Janet G. Specific roles that need to be filled are ESS Director, Reception Centre Manager and more Duty Officers. If you have any questions or require more information about your Emergency program, please contact:

Gerrie Wise,
Mayne Island Emergency Program Co-ordinator
cell: 1 (250) 508-3002 Tel: (250) 539-5148

posted January 2015

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