Mayne Island Reading Challenge: Jan 1 to Jun 21

As part of the Truth and Healing/Reconciliation process, the Mayne Island Library and the bookstore are challenging the community to read Thomas King’s “The Inconvenient Indian” between January 1st and June 21st (National Aboriginal Day). During that time we hope to have at least 100 Mayne Islanders read and respond to the book.

For more information and to find out how to be part of the Reading Challenge, check the December and January Library Notes column in the Mayneliner or stop in at the Library (411 Naylor Road) or at Miners Bay Books (at Fernhill Centre).

Join Us. Be part of the process! For any additional information please contact: Judi Walker

Update January 4, 2015: CBC Radio 1, province-wide show North By Northwest featured an interview with Mayne Island's John Aitken today. John speaks about how the 2015 Reading Challenge came about and speaks about Thomas King's book, The Inconvenient Indian and why he thinks Mayne Islanders and others should take up the challenge and read the book.

Listen to the interview below:

Check this out on Chirbit

posted December 2014


  1. This is such a great idea! Will be so pleased to take part.

  2. Echoing Lynda's comment. And sharing it on my social network. I never cease being proud of my island home.

  3. Michael and I are in! We love Tom King-we named our kids after his Radio show!

  4. Joel and I have read and enjoyed this and othe books by him. We look forward to interesting discussions. I was so amused that o named your children after those characters from Dead Dog Cafe, Annette. We used to listen every Saturday. So sorry I miss ed the interview on NxNW, Leanne.

  5. Just listened to John's interview with CBC radio. We are so fortunate to have such a well spoken represent us. Well done, John.

  6. I listened to John Aitken's interview and noticed his remark that some people responded to Thomas King's book with feelings of guilt and the need to do something. I hope we'll be able to support "live Indians" to make real political advances. Good interview.