Your Emergency Program on Mayne: Wed Dec 3

Sessions on Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2014, 11 am to 4 pm. Lunch is included. At the Mayne Island Community Centre.

Many questions are asked: What is Emergency Social Services (ESS)? What is a Reception Centre? Why do we need it? Who reports to whom? Who is in Charge? What is my Role? I am already a Neighbourhood Contact; should I have ESS Training? What is a telephone tree? Where do ESS volunteers and Neighbourhood Contacts fit into the overall plan? What buildings are safe? What about our children? What about Evacuation Plans?

While possibly we can't answer them all, we are going to try: Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2014.

11 am - Noon: Overview of the Emergency Program on Mayne Island and how we fit into the regional and provincial structure.

12 - 1 pm: Lunch.

1 - 4 pm: Pat Haugh, Deputy Area Co-ordinator, will conduct a training exercise, designed to help volunteers learn and practice procedures during an incident. The topic for this exercise is "Longer Term Power Outage". Most of us can cope with 2 days but what if it is a longer term?

Come & learn about the planning to cope with this situation and to help us determine our "readiness" to help ourselves, our families, and our Community Members.

We would like to increase the overall knowledge and understanding of the Emergency Program as well as offer more training for Emergency Social Services (ESS). ESS volunteers assist those who may be displaced by a house fire or in the case of a larger scale event, operates a "Reception Centre" for registration, family re-unification, lodging, food, or emergency clothing. Although these jobs are rarely called upon, we do need trained volunteers to to perform them.

Can’t make the whole day? If you are only able to attend the morning or the afternoon session please let us know which session(s) you will attend.

We need to count you in for lunch so please reply by Dec 1st to or Gerrie Wise, (250) 539-5148 or Irene Barrett, (250) 539-5070. For further information please contact Gerrie Wise

posted November 2014

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