Mayne Island Election Results: Nov 15 2014

Illustration © Jim Traversy/Artifact Designs
The results for all local government elections that pertain to Mayne Island will be posted here as soon as they're available.

Unofficial Results

Islands Trust -- 2 to be elected from Mayne:
Jeanine Dodds 426 - Elected
Brian Crumblehulme 328 - Elected
David Maude 190

Capital Regional District -- 1 director to be elected:
David Howe 1988 - Elected
Stephen Cropper 869

Gulf Islands School District 64 -- 1 to be elected from Mayne:
May McKenzie 330 - Elected
Jan Nicol 169

Voter turnout numbers will be posted here if available.

11:58 pm:
Not a peep for any of the local elections yet, CRD, School District and Islands Trust haven't posted anything. News services are ending their coverages now that Vancouver is all done.

12:28 am:
Results from Islands Trust and CRD in. Nothing from School District yet.

Nov 16, 11:37 am:
Still no results from SD64. We know votes were counted locally, just not reported by SD64 officials yet, for some reason.

Nov 16, 12:30 pm:
May McKenzie reports that the reason for the SD64 delay is there was a glitch in the mail-in vote totals coming from the CRD to the School District. May says that local numbers give her a vote advantage that mail-in vote numbers won't be able to affect, so that she "is the winner".

Civic Info BC can't say when unofficial results will be available or why delay happened. It may not be until tomorrow.

Nov 17:
School District 64 results were made available - see above.

Nov 21:
An election official with the CRD has said that they are working on getting voter turnout information for Mayne Island and will provide that information "as soon as possible". MayneNews will post this info once it becomes available.

Nov 21, Voter turnout numbers for Mayne Island:
Voter Turnout: 522
Total Eligible Voters: 990
Voter Turnout Percentage: 52.7%

This voter turnout information is routinely available for most communities and is reported in the media on election night along with voting results. For our local government elections this information was not being made public, so MayneNews made several enquiries to Civic Info BC, the Islands Trust, Trustee Brian Crumblehulme and the Capital Regional District to find out this public information and make it available to Mayne Islanders.

The voter turnout percentage averaged for British Columbia was a very low 33%, so while Mayne Island’s is higher than most communities, it’s still not really a stellar reflection of voter engagement.

Voter turnout numbers for the other Gulf Islands have not been made publicly available, so we don’t know how well we did compared to other island communities in our area. It is the hope of MayneNews that this information will be more readily available for our next local elections.


  1. I guess I'll go to bed and check again in the morning.

  2. The delay may be the more interesting story.

  3. The tension mounts as we wait for the results. What is causing this delay?

    1. I wonder if the ballot box was lost.

    2. No, it was a glitch due to CRD not passing on the mail-in votes to SD64. Just a mistake. Results are in and posted now.

  4. I have no idea why results aren't available. SD64 results for the Salt Spring Trustees was reported on the Driftwood website very early. Probably info directly from numbers posted at polling place. I saw a picture of a sign posted in the polling place window with the hand-written results. But Civic Info BC has no results for the school district, even though they've unofficially stated on Twitter that the SD64 results for Salt Spring were correct.

    The only other SD64 Trustee position that was contested was Mayne Island. My completely speculative guess at this point is that it's an oversight, Salt Spring was counted early last night and SD64 officials went home, not realizing there was an outstanding race to be reported on.