Movie Night - Award Winning Short Films: Fri Sep 19

The Mayne Island Library presents 5 short films September 19th, at 7:30 pm.

The Danish Poet. This whimsical animated short about a young poet’s search for inspiration and love will amuse and delight both young and old! Oscar 2006 Animation 15 min.

Flamenco At 5:15. This visual and emotional thriller is an impressionistic record of a flamenco dance class given to senior students of the National Ballet School of Canada. Oscar, 1983 Documentary 29 min.

Bob’s Birthday. Surprise birthday parties can be risky. Especially when the guest of honour is turning 40! When Margaret plans a celebration for her husband, Bob, she underestimates the sudden impact of middle age on his mood. Oscar, 1994 Animation 12 min.

The Sand Castle. This charming and humorous fable tells the story of the Sandman and the creatures he sculpts out of sand. Oscar, 1977 Animation 13 min.

Neighbours. Two neighbours live side by side in harmony until a flower grows on the dividing line between their properties. Who does it belong to? Oscars.1952 Animation 8 Min.

At the Ag Hall. Admission by donation. Free Popcorn!

For further information please contact David Chase

posted September 2014

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