2014 Lions Club Salmon BBQ: Sun Aug 31

Illustration & graphics © Jim Traversy/Artifact Designs
By time-honoured tradition, the Mayne Island Lions Club hosts a salmon barbecue at Dinner Bay Park on the Sunday before Labour Day, and this year it falls on the last day of August.

Come and feast on barbecued salmon! Or, if you don't like salmon, take barbecued chicken instead! The salmon -- or chicken -- comes with all the fixings, dessert and coffee or tea, all for $18.00.

In the big bingo tent we shall have continuous bingo games with proceeds earmarked for the Lions' scholarship and grants-in-aid educational program, and on the Peter Archer stage, Scott Naylor's rock band (The Mortimers) will keep you entertained as you wile away the afternoon.

We start serving the salmon and chicken at 12 noon, and the kitchen remains open until 5 p.m. This is a popular event for visitors to Mayne Island who like to celebrate the end of summer with a feast of barbecued salmon.

"The Mortimers" band -- Kurt Turner, Greg Wall, Jimm Fedyk, Colin "Boomer" Pow and Scott Naylor -- is four years old and has already made a reputation for rock dance music dating from the 1950s to the present. All four are veterans of the rock band scene.

The Lions annual 222 draw also takes place at the Salmon Barbecue, with a top prize of $800.00. Proceeds go towards paying for a safe bicycle path from the ferry dock at Village Bay to Miners Bay. Everyone is welcome!

For further information please contact Allan Evans jaxevans@shaw.ca

posted August 2014

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