Total Fire Ban effective Mon Jun 30 11:59 pm

As of July 1st fire permits issued prior to June 30th 2014 are cancelled.

All types of wood fuelled outdoor fires and wood burning appliances are prohibited July 1st until October 15th 2014. However, UL listed propane, gas, and briquette barbecues or other certified cooking and heating appliances are permitted to be used for their intended purpose.

If you have any questions regarding these appliances - call us, (250) 539-5156. Office hours are 9 am to 3 pm, six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

Anyone lighting a backyard fire or campfire anywhere on Mayne Island - including a beach fire - is subject to a cost recovery invoice issued by the Mayne Island Improvement District for a fire lit in violation of by-law #46 , sect. 26, 27 to the individual homeowner to recover costs for the fire department to control and extinguish the fire.

With the cooperation of everyone, we can have a safe, wildfire free, and enjoyable summer.

Visit Mayne Island Fire Rescue online.


For further information please contact Fire Chief Steven DeRousie (250) 539-5156.

posted June 2014

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