Announcing the MILT 2014 Play Writing Contest

Mayne Island Little Theatre invites members of the community to submit a short play for our fall production of homegrown talent. Your previously hidden flair for the dramatic (or the comedic) will now have the opportunity to be showcased and perhaps go on to fame (but not likely fortune – but fame is good).

Theme – Island Life (could be a real or fictional island).
Length – Approximately 20 minutes.
Characters – maximum 3 (actors must be MI based).
Props – minimal to none.
Deadline for submission – August 15, 2014.

Plays will be reviewed by a MILT appointed committee who will contact authors of pieces selected for further consideration. Playwrights will be invited to a workshop where the plays will be read after which final selections will be made. 4 to 6 pieces will be selected to be included in MILT’s Fall production scheduled for November. The play with the greatest audience appeal will go on to tour the Southern Gulf Islands and Salt Spring as a part of “5 Islands – 5 Plays” tour in February 2015. Send your completed works either by email to Deb Foote at or to Deb’s attention through the “FreeMail” offered through the Gulfport Realty office.

This is really a great opportunity for budding playwrights to test their abilities at plot and dialogue may not win, but life is like that, eh?

For further information please contact Deb Foote

posted May 2014

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