BC Ferries Schedule error for Thu Apr 17

It has been confirmed by BC Ferries customer service staff that there is an error in their schedule for Swartz Bay to Village Bay for Thursday April 17. Since it was pointed out by a concerned Mayne Islander to their staff (after several phone calls, receiving incorrect info from staff and many long minutes on the phone) BC Ferries has amended their schedule on the web site, but the printed schedules available are still incorrect.

BC Ferries have acknowledged their mistake and the schedule errors in a service notice issued April 10th.

The printed schedules do not indicate a sailing going from Swartz to Village Bay at 4:10 pm on Thursday April 17, when in fact there is a sailing at that time.

It is additionally confusing because that day is the day before the Good Friday holiday and the ferries are adopting a Friday schedule for that day. Deciphering all the notations, triangles and squares is difficult even for seasoned BC Ferries customers. If you have questions about the schedule you should phone BC Ferries customer service line at 1-888-BC FERRY (223-3779) or check out their web site www.bcferries.com.

posted April 2014

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