Annual Beach Clean-up: Sun Apr 27

This year's Beach Clean-up, co-sponsored by the Mayne Island Conservancy and the Recycling Society, will be held on Sunday April 27 at 10:30 am at your favourite beach. Please check the list of Beach Captains and contact the one in your area.

(all phone numbers below preceded by (250) 539)

Bennett Bay: Mike Nadeau -3776
Campbell Bay: Elisabeth Whitelaw -5582

David Cove, Oyster & Reef Bays: Pat Seebach -2476

Edith Point: Peter Askin - 2199

Gallagher & Piggott Bays: Kim Harris -9878

Horton Bay: Sue Duncan - 3640

Kadanaga Bay: Marian MacLean - 9995

Lighthouse & Maude Bays: Len Epp - 3111

Miners Bay: Jess Willows - 5745

Village Bay: Helen O'Brian - 5619

For further information please contact Ann Johnston

posted April 2014

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