Mayne Island Lions Club World Relay Lunch: Fri Apr 4

Come to the Ag Hall, Miners Bay, on Friday, April 4th, 12 noon, to take part in the Lions World Lunch Relay, which kicks off the Lions "Friends and Neighbours" month.

Precisely at noon, April 4th, New Zealand time (equals Mayne Island time less 20 hours), New Zealand Lions Clubs will gather with friends, family and neighbours for lunch and fellowship, and then other clubs across the time zones of the globe will follow their example as they meet for lunch at noon. Here on Mayne Island, come to the old Ag Hall at noon, April 4th, for a simple lunch and a friendly greeting, whether you are a Mayne Islander or a visitor.

You need not be a Lions member. This is an open invitation. Admission by donation. Let's help spread friendship across the world.

For further information please contact Allan Evans

posted Mar 2014

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