Spring Library Book Sale: Sat Apr 19

Celebrate Spring and the Easter weekend with a visit to the Library Book Sale.

This time around we have a good supply of high quality books for purchase. Adult titles are $1.00, Children's and Young Adult books are $.50.

For further information please contact Lori Staehling office@staehling.ca

posted March 2014

Mayne Island Health Education Series: Thu Apr 10

Mayne Island Health Centre Association has invited a pharmacist from Shoppers Drug Mart to join us at the Agricultural Hall on Thursday April 10, 2014 1:30 - 3:30 pm to discuss "safe and effective medication use".

Topics will include: proper storage, possible side effects, interaction awareness and what to do, mixing with other products/supplements and other related topics. Come and join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about how to get the best from your prescribed medications.

Refreshments will be served.

For further information please contact Sharon Bunnin (250) 539-2311

posted April 2014

Mayne Island Lions Club World Relay Lunch: Fri Apr 4

Come to the Ag Hall, Miners Bay, on Friday, April 4th, 12 noon, to take part in the Lions World Lunch Relay, which kicks off the Lions "Friends and Neighbours" month.

Precisely at noon, April 4th, New Zealand time (equals Mayne Island time less 20 hours), New Zealand Lions Clubs will gather with friends, family and neighbours for lunch and fellowship, and then other clubs across the time zones of the globe will follow their example as they meet for lunch at noon. Here on Mayne Island, come to the old Ag Hall at noon, April 4th, for a simple lunch and a friendly greeting, whether you are a Mayne Islander or a visitor.

You need not be a Lions member. This is an open invitation. Admission by donation. Let's help spread friendship across the world.

For further information please contact Allan Evans jaxevans@shaw.ca

posted Mar 2014

"eARTh" Exhibition, Mayne Island Library: Fri Apr 4

Drawing on the word “ART” contained within the word “Earth”, the Trincomali Community Arts Council exhibition focuses on the environment and its influence on the arts this April.

Spring is definitely in the air here on Mayne, and in April we celebrate its return, Earth Day, Easter and Arbor Day (for our neighbours to the south); all heralds to our love of the eARTh. This show will feature a variety of work from several local artists that deal with themes of nature, growth, rebirth, and ways of looking at our relationship with the planet.

With an opening on April 4th at the Mayne Island Library (5 - 8 pm), we encourage any artists interested in participating to contact Stephen Cropper before 5 pm on April 3rd at (250) 539-2206.

The “eARTh” show leads up to the upcoming April 2015 Nature & Arts Festival, being spearheaded by the Mayne Island Conservancy, currently under works. 

In conjunction with the upcoming April “eARTh” show, TCAC is hosting a special EarthArt event Saturday, April 12 at Bennett Bay Park. Come and join us for an opportunity to explore site-specific nature-based art making with some local artists. We’ll meet in the parking lot at 1pm. Dress for the weather and bring water & a snack.

This event is family friendly, with a suggested donation of $5. Pre-registration is encouraged. Call Tina Farmilo for more info, (250) 539-2402.

For further information please contact Andrew Ferneyhough (250) 222-8258.

posted March 2014

Mayne Island Pathways Open House: Sat Mar 29

On Saturday March 29th, 2 - 4 pm at Ag Hall, there will be an open house presentation to show the proposed pathway route from the ferry terminal to the Library.

The route follows the north side of Village Bay Road and is on the road allowance, not private property. The gravel surfaced pathway will be 1.5 M wide and will be used by walkers, cyclists, horses and non motorized vehicles. It is intended for residents and visitors to use instead of the roadway pavement and will offer a safer trip.

Maps and detailed design will be available along with several trail committee members to offer discussions. Funding may be available this spring and construction is anticipated before fall. Drop by at any time.

For further information please contact Bill McCance (604) 690-1321

posted March 2014

Mayne Island Community Centre AGM: Thu Mar 20

The Community Centre is having its Annual General Meeting in the main room on Thursday, March 20th at 1:30 PM.

Come find out what has been happening at your Community Centre this past year. Join us for some cookies with coffee or tea.

There are two one-year terms available on the board so you can try your hand at being involved before making a longer commitment. Come join a dedicated group of volunteers to see what you can make happen at this beautiful facility. This is your Community Centre.

For further information please contact Gail Noonan (250) 539-3379

posted March 2014

MICS Salon Movie Night: Thu Mar 20

Join us for the Conservancy's Salon Movie Night Thursday March 20th, 7:30pm in the Mary Jefferies resource room at the Root Seller.

From the award-winning director of On The Line comes the unconventional documentary Kitturiaq. The film unflinchingly follows two men on a 620 km wilderness canoe journey through the vast, remote tundra of the Labrador Plateau - a little-known region of the Canadian North.

Seen from the perspective of Malina - a mosquito who joins them on the journey - the film brings the viewer intimately into the experience of the expedition. Though the conditions are at times difficult and bludgeoning, the film evokes a joy that is found when the modern world is left behind and an ancient, wild place is embraced. Inuit and Innu people who have lived in this land for thousands of years share their ways with the two adventurers, grounding the journey in history and culture while also alluding to the challenges modern pressures exert on their traditional lifestyles.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian heleno@rogers.com or view the MICS web site.

posted March 2014

Mayne Island Conservancy's AGM: Sat Mar 22

Mayne Island Conservancy Society's Annual General Meeting. Saturday March 22, 3:30 pm at the Ag Hall.

Please join us for our 11th Annual General Meeting. As our work expands so must our Constitution and Bylaws. Along with informative reports of our past year’s activities and the election of directors an amendment to the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws will be presented for approval. All members of MICS may vote and memberships will be available until the “call to order.’’ And, of course, there will be delicious refreshments to accompany this annual event.

For further information please contact Bill Warning bkwarning@shaw.ca

posted March 2014

Folk Song Circle: Fri Mar 14

Bring your favourite folk song or tune or just join in on the choruses. This will be a convivial gathering of folkies! Bring a snack to share if you like.

Friday March 14th, 6:30 pm
540 Club Crescent. Phone (250) 539-5436

For further information please contact Anita Bates anita.camassia@gmail.com

posted March 2014

Spring Forward 1 Hour: Sun Mar 9

Time for a little more sleep deprivation as we "spring forward" 1 hour in the wee hours of Sunday March 9th.

If you don't want to get up at 2 am to change your clocks over to Daylight Saving Time, set them forward before bed on Saturday night.

The Fire Chief will tell you it's a good time to check your smoke alarm's battery as well.

Mayne Island Public WiFi

With the installation of two new public WiFi hotspots on Mayne Island, at the Village Bay Ferry terminal and Gulfport Realty at the Mayne Street Mall, it seemed like a good time to list some of the publicly available WiFi on Mayne Island.

Update February 9: Two new hotspots at Fernhill Centre have been added to the list since the original posting in December.

The Mayne Island Reading Centre - 411 Naylor Road, next to Miners Bay Park. Open public wi-fi signal.

Mayne Island Community Centre - 493 Felix Jack Road. Open public WiFi signal.

Gulfport Realty - Mayne Street Mall. This is a Shaw "Go WiFi" hotspot. Available to Shaw internet customers. Shaw customers can register their laptops, tablets or smart phones to connect automatically in any Shaw WiFi hotspot. More info available on Shaw's website.

Village Bay Ferry Terminal. Also a Shaw WiFi hotspot.

Shavasana Cafe - 400 Village Bay Road - free WiFi available for customers.

Farm Gate Store - 568 Fernhill Road - free WiFi available for customers, ask for the password.

Bennett Bay Bistro - 494 Arbutus Drive - free WiFi available for customers.

Fernhill Centre - 574 Fernhill Road - open public wifi available.

Camassia Cafe - Fernhill Centre 574 Fernhill Road - open public wifi available.

If there were other WiFi hotspots that were overlooked, please email info@maynenews.ca and this post will be updated.

posted February 2014

MILT Premiere Show of Emotional Creature: Mar 21 & 22

Based on the best selling book by the award winning author and playwright Eve Ensler, Emotional Creature: the secret lives of girls around the world; this play featuring comedy, drama, music, song & dance, is an invitation to girls everywhere to raise their voices and follow their hearts.

Featuring five Mayne Island  high school students and one from Salt Spring Island, these girls are so enthusiastic they chose their own parts. This demanding show has taken a huge commitment from the cast and crew and to steal a line from the Huffington Post: “For Emotional Creatures who aren't afraid to dance... I have never been so proud.”

MILT will be performing seven shows on five islands. Directed by Brian Crumblehulme and Michele Steele and with support from the SGI High School and the community theatres on every island, Emotional Creature will be opening on Mayne Island on Friday March 21st and Saturday March 22nd at the Agricultural Hall. And the doors will also be open for the last dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 20th: admission by donation.

Licensed from Dramatists Theatre, NY. Recommended for mature audiences only.

For more information please call Brian at (250) 539-3027 or Michele at (250) 539-0555.


Posted March 2014

Proposed Fire Hall Information Meeting: Sat Mar 15

The Board of Trustees, Mayne Island Improvement District, invite everyone to join them Saturday March 15, from 1 to 3 PM at the Ag Hall for a short meeting to provide details of a new Mayne Island fire hall proposal.

In addition to the Fire Hall Building Committee Members, Scott Zukiwsky of Liberty Contract Management Inc. and Mary Cooper, Deputy Returning Officer will attend to provide information and answer your questions. There will be a short presentation to begin, followed by a question and answer period.

The proposed site plan. floor plan, elevations and model views will be displayed.

An information brochure has been prepared and is posted on the Improvement District web site and the Fire Department web site. Printed copies are available at the Fire Hall and the Library, and at several local businesses. The site plan, floor plan and model view are included in the brochure, along with financial information and the impact to taxpayers.

A referendum will be held April 19th with advance polls on the 9th and 12th asking voters to approve the Improvement District borrowing up to $2,400,000 to construct a new firehall.

The Board of Trustees, the Administrator and the Fire Chief would be pleased to answer your questions. Call (250) 539-5116 or email miid@shaw.ca.

Posted March 2014

MIHCA Open House: Sat Mar 8

Mayne Island Health Centre Association invites everyone to an Open House in honour of Ann Hadaway, 1st Call Nurse, to thank her for her years of service to Mayne Island and to celebrate her retirement.

March 8th 2 - 4:30 pm
Lower Level Health Centre

For further information please contact Cilla Brooke (250) 539-3553.

Posted March 2014

Mayne Island Speaker Series presents Dr. Dominic Covvey: Fri Mar 7

Who has not gazed at the night sky and been awed by the beauty and multiplicity of the stars? On Friday, March 7, at the Agricultural Hall, Dr. Dominic Covvey will be our guest at the Mayne Island Speakers Series. Dr. Covvey will answer many of the questions which arise in our minds as we contemplate the wonder and mystery of these celestial bodies.

Dr. Covvey is a highly respected Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo whose expertise covers many disciplines, not the least of which is astronomy.

Come early for coffee, tea and treats. Admission by donation. Door open at 7 pm and the talk begins at 7:30 pm. Please try not to miss Mayne Island's version of the TED talks.

For further information please contact Mary at (250) 539-3027 or Brenda at (250) 539-3574.

Posted March 2014