MayneNews is growing and more popular than ever

Since 2009 when the service was founded, MayneNews is steadily increasing in reach and popularity month by month. Currently the MayneNews email list has over 500 subscribers who receive the announcements of community events directly in their inboxes, on computers, tablets and smartphones. The subscribers represent the majority of households on Mayne Island who use email as well as many weekend residents and frequent visitors.

The MayneNews blog, where each announcement is linked to, now has over 3000 hits per month on average. The MayneNews Facebook page has 255 "Likes" currently and the MayneNews Twitter account has close to 200 followers.

The mission of MayneNews is to provide a place where Mayne Island's community and non-profit groups can help to get the word out about their events and where Mayne Island residents and visitors can easily keep in touch with what's going on in our community. MayneNews is clearly accomplishing that mission now and only continues to get better.

For those groups not using MayneNews to help them, the service is well-established, effective and free of charge. It's the result of regular volunteer hours every week by the MayneNews founder Jim Traversy. To contact him directly email:

To submit an announcement to MayneNews go to the MayneNews submission form. It's best to allow 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the day you'd like your announcement to be sent out to the email list, to ensure your announcement can be accommodated and sent in time.

posted February 2014

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