Mayne Emergency Communications Exercise: Tue Dec 3

The Mayne Island Emergency Program will conduct a communications exercise on Tuesday December 3, starting at 3:00 pm. If you follow the SGI Facebook page or Twitter feed, or have agreed to be contacted via cell phone text messages, we hope you will be able to participate.

Cell phone text message: You will receive a text from the Mayne Island Emergency Coordinator, signalling the beginning of the exercise. Please reply with a brief note indicating you received the message.

Facebook: The SGI Emergency Coordinator will post a brief announcement at the beginning of the exercise. Please send a "Comment" about that message and indicate where you live (island & neighbourhood). Doing so in a real emergency will allow us to know about problem areas and where to focus our efforts.

Twitter: The SGI Emergency Coordinator will send a tweet at the beginning of the exercise, with hashtag "#SGIcommsXdec3." Please "Reply" to that tweet, making use of the hashtag and indicating where you live (island & neighbourhood).

Looking forward to touching base with you on December 3! Thank you for helping us get ready to help you better in emergencies.

For further information please contact Bernard Rochet

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