Help us reach you faster in emergencies

In order to keep you informed quickly and efficiently, the Southern Gulf Islands/Mayne Island Emergency Program issues emergency alerts and bulletins when a disaster or emergency is occurring. By signing up to receive those bulletins directly, you will be better informed about potential risks to your safety, and about ways to protect yourself and your family and community (e.g., whether to leave your home or avoid some areas, where a reception centre is located, etc.).

There are presently three ways to sign up to receive alerts directly on your phone or computer: Facebook, Twitter and cell phone text messages. You may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Facebook: If you are a Facebook member, visit the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency page at . Log in to your Facebook account and "Like" the SGI Emergency page to see alerts in your news feed. If you are not a Facebook member, please consider opening an account to receive emergency alerts; go to

Twitter: If you have a Twitter account you can choose to "Follow" the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency account . If you do not have a Twitter account, please consider opening one at .

Cell phone texting: If you are interested in receiving text messages during emergencies (and if you have not already done so), please email your cell phone number to Gerrie Wise at along with your street address. Knowing your address makes it possible for us to send messages only to the people concerned when an emergency affects a small area (e.g., evacuation for a single neighbourhood during a small fire or a hazardous material spill). Also indicate whether you are willing to receive text messages during emergency communications exercises; we hold 2 such exercises a year to make sure that all our systems are operating properly.

Thank you for helping us help you!

For further information please contact Bernard Rochet

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