Updating the 2014 Mayne Island Phone Book

What is the most important book on your book shelf? Why, of course, it is the Lions Mayne Island Phone Book!

We want the phone book to be perfect so we need you to stand up right this moment, get out your 2013 phone book and check your listing. If there is a mistake or if, egad, your name is not listed here is what you need to do: turn to page 44 of the 2013 book and rip (yes rip) out the whole page; correct any errors, add your e-mail address if it is missing; fill in the whole page if we don't have you listed.

If you do not have a phone book or page 44 is gone, you can pick up a blank form at the Trading Post.

Please submit a form only if there any changes from 2013, or new listings. You don't need to submit anything if the listing is to remain the same.

Then you have two options: you can take the completed page and drop it in the box at the Trading Post or you can mail the page to 615 Williams Place, Mayne Island, V0N 2J2. All changes and additions must be submitted by January 6, 2014.

For further information please contact Judi Walker judilu@live.ca

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